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  1. My back and neck are f*cked. Degenerative disc disease with nerve impingement, and a slipped disk in my lumbar with some Sciatica. The 47 eats you alive, slowly...
  2. Nope. Frankly, the Army really doesn't like anyone special. Well, except SF, Rangers, Airborne, and other unmentionables. Basically, the Army dislikes pilots.
  3. Sew on? Sure. Pin on? Only in ACUs...and I never did. I was a CW2 wearing A2CUs, of course I was a pilot.
  4. The fort worth C12 unit is full of major airline pilots. Full of them.
  5. Oh I know. Yall have the only community that is actually hurting.
  6. Thats life. The apache community is hurting.
  7. 1. This job aint about the money. 2. You will always be outranked by someone until your are the President.
  8. The only choice you get in your Army career was your aircraft if you were fortunate enough.
  9. So yea, the list is delayed UFN. HRC is just great at this, arent they?
  10. I voted with my REFRAD packet and subsequent airline job offers.
  11. Well since the f*cking word Solo kinda implies being by yourself, the Army makes sh*t up all the time.
  12. Endeavor has a TA starting in Jan that will raise first year FO pay to over $50 an hour. Its a damn good time.
  13. FY18 wont get better. Nothing can compete with the pay and lifestyle of major airlines, and for the first time, Army helo pilots are even being paid to train FW. Its going to get colorful. My REFRAD packet was approved....
  14. There are rumors of the ADSO going to 8 years. Stop Loss is not to be talked about in the open.
  15. My command basically said "How can I be an airline pilot" as well as "As soon as my ADSO is up I am following you". My CWOB asked what he can do to make me stay. I just smiled and said the Army cannot provide me what it would take.
  16. https://theaviatoragent.wordpress.com/2017/09/29/is-the-army-aviation-bonus-is-right-for-you/ ^^^^Literally sums it right up^^^^
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