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  1. So, on average avgas looks to be a little over $5 a gallon in Cali. At 9 an hour burn rate est, add $45 to the $94. Not bad rate! Fluxuating hourly rate is tough sale for some. What about oil, landing fees, and loging if needed? I am looking to visit north Cali in April. PM me and let me know more information. Thanks
  2. Good stuff. Looks like the helo cameras producded by Sunovia except for the HD LED. This reminds me of the quad camera used out west at Robinson. I forgot the name of the company, maybe same airport as Robinson. There are some good camera systems which help with training.
  3. If you are looking for training to become a commercial RTC pilot as a career I would look online at Helicopteracademy.com. You receive great training and build many hours cheaper than any school I know of in the states. You are welcome to contact me for any information. Fly high, Fly safe.
  4. Helicopter Academy in sunny Florida. Fly year around at the cheapest rates.
  5. I'm looking for any instructors who are located in the Phoenix area (preferably Quantum helicopters) Hey Bobby, I am a CFI with Helicopter Academy on the west coast of Florida. I know you are looking in Phoenix, but if you are about to start training I would give Tom a call at Helicopter Academy. If not, give me a call if you like. They have the cheapest rates in the nation and will guarantee you a job after the flight program. Students save thousands of $$$$. Have fun, be safe.
  6. Give me or Tom a call with Helicopter Academy. Tom has a R44 in Pomano, FL at a reduced rate, around $300 per hour. Also, he has a reduce rate for R22 time. You can fly with the Academy and once you hit 300 hours you will be covered under pathfinder insurance. Once at 300 hours the Academy will pay you to get to 500 or more. Just an idea. I have been flying for Tom for a year out of North Carolina and Sarasota, FL.
  7. Sorry to upset you 67november.. Maybe I should say "pay as you go" on the hours. Just trying to fine some time builders. If one wants to commit to 100 hours fine, they can pay as they go. No payment up front.
  8. The rate of $130 an hour is wet and with CFI (myself) for time builders who pay for a block of 100 plus hours. Location is on the west coast of Florida. I am located in Sarasota at this time. I will be flying one of Tom's R22s on the weekends. I am in the process of leasing a R22 for Monday through Friday flying. Boat photo on weekends and flight training durning the week. Flight training will be priced as soon as I have the lease complete. I was trained in Florida, have 900+ hours and working on my CFII. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Come and fly with me in sunny Florida for $130 an hour. I also have a training program which will get you 300 hours FAST! Anyone? Corrected: Looking for time builders who would like to fly in South West florida (Tampa to Marco Island) now until Nov 1st. Pilots who can commit to flying weekends 8 hours a day. $130 per hour wet with CFI R22 time and pay as you go if you can commit to 100 hours.
  10. Any student who trains with Helicopter Adacemy and does all training through the 300 hour program pays for the first 300 hours. Based on a few factors, after your training they will offer you a job with pay to get to 1000 hours. I am flying with the compamy now and have 800 hours. Just started last June.
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