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  1. I flew one day up in Washington drying cherries that was literally 11.5 hrs in the seat. I didnt even want to see a helicopter, hear the word helicopter, or anything else associated with helicopters the rest of the night. Next morning I got got up happy as I could be and put in another 8 hours day. I was whooped like a rented mule at the end of those days, but every morning I got up eager to fly again. This post reminds me of a joke a old time fixed wing guy I gave a Rotor add-on to: What is the difference between pilots and turbine engines?.......when you shut down the turbine it quits whining! BA-DUM-TSSSS!!!
  2. I grew up in Burns Oregon near to the accident. Calamity Butte where the accident occurred is a horrible place to have an engine quit. Tall trees and nothing is flat. He did a superb job of putting it down on the road. Best outcome one could hope for in a tough situation.
  3. i saw this the other day. at least they werent idiots and just cut the chute free to fly into the TR. they were smart enough to untangle it and pull it in
  4. The "it won't happen to me" attitude vacated my mind around my 420 hr mark.... right about the same time helicopter caught on fire
  5. the rest of the cylinders looked fine. no visible damage at all. thats why i was a bit confused on why they would loose compression.
  6. also come to find out all 6 of the cylinders had lost compression for some reason. anybody have any clues as to why one valve goes Kaput and the rest of the engine follows suit?
  7. it coughed, on takeoff at about 100 ft, started to see a slow gradual rise in MP, began my turn back to the airport, more coughs, hovered up to my spot, light and horn, dead engine. all happened in about a min and 30 sec probably. one thing i will give to piston helicopters, they will tell you if they have a belly ache before they go tits up on ya. saved my bacon
  8. when i was drying cherries last year with Versatile i found it really easy to get bored. seriously it was awesome flying the old beast for about the first 2 hours, then...your just hovering around another helicopter...hardly interesting. i think most of the accidents happen when the pilot just starts to daydream and "forgets" about that wire or wind machine. point being find a way to keep yourself on your toes. something i did was play power games with the 58. the 58 has so much power you will never run out unexpectedly, so i would give myself a manifold pressure limit and try not to break it by toying with different techniques. that way it kept my mind working on how i was going to maneuver around those poles or wire while at the same time conserving as much power as possible. it kept me interested and aware of my surroundings. plus a little bit of Iron Maiden and Metallica kept me awake after i had been drying for 10 hours continuously
  9. well my engine finally made it back to the factory for inspection and overhaul. they are saying that the broken valve was probably due to an engine overspeed from snapping on the throttle after a practice auto. as this is not a training helicopter and we dont do many auto's i find that unlikely. i have done a few auto's by myself in the helicopter just to keep fresh but i havent overspeed it. could either be Robinson just dosent want to admit fault, OR a previous pilot overspeed it and didnt tell anyone. ive been told my helicopter is expected to be returned to service by the end of July...yeah right. either way, im just sittin around with no helicopter and nothing to do. at least im getting paid!
  10. it is exactly like RTB said....its like riding a bike! 30 min to an hour you will be right back where you left off. i took a 6 month break right in the middle of my instrument. i was nervous just like you are, but after i shook off the cobwebs my confidence came back. the second i lifted her up into a stable hover it felt so great to be in the air again, i felt like i had been flying for months. i was back to private standards after the first flight. dont sweat it.
  11. Im just trying to get ideas right now. remember this is not in the USA. Im operating under Haitian Aviation regulations as a 135 "type" operator. thank you for your input. but at the moment i think the company isnt well enough equipped for such an operation.
  12. McGavin, I think that is exactly what they are looking for. You have any more details for me?
  13. yeah kinda like the new generation isnt going to know what we mean by "roll down the window"
  14. id rather know what knowledge working commercial pilots are lacking so i can study up!
  15. no bent pushrods, Valve just snapped off
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