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  1. I have been so busy at work that this photo is a couple of weeks old, but I really like how it turned out. This is a Siller Sky Crane installing the new gondola towers on Vail Mountain. It may be one of the best ones I have ever taken, I really like the background! Enjoy!
  2. Garmin recently released "pilot my-cast" for the ipad, you get 30 days free and it seems like a great nav app.
  3. Thats great, I think everyone should watch it (twice)!
  4. Here it is. This is a HTK-1K in 1953 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1dIzvp5aMc
  5. In 1953 a Kaman HTK-1K flew remotely , there old hands at this. Some where there is a video of it. Maybe someone else can help find it on the net, anyway it’s pretty neat
  6. I know that the Cost Guard will not search for a non registered device that has been activated. As least for boats with 406 EPIRB's, not sure what the deal is with aircraft.
  7. I know I have said it in the past, but if any VR member rents my property in Honduras I will donate 10% of the rental amount (or $100.00 which ever is greater). Check it out, maybe its time to take a trip! GoUtila.com
  8. I'm looking for a used hanger 70' x 100' maybe 100' x 100'. We would need to disassemble it and ship it to a new location to reassemble. Anyone have any ideas or contacts for this type of item. Possible also a used 1000-2000 gal used fuel truck that meets all FAA/EPA regulations for a FBO (truck must be clean and current). Thanks, Tim
  9. I will be there the 4th - 7th, hope to get together with some of you for a beer!
  10. Thats great, I think I remember watching it as a kid on TV.
  11. I'm hoping that there is a insurance professional or lawyer out there that could answer this, the issue is in Colorado. The question is whether a insurance companies Max Liability Limits are eroded (i.e., reduced) by a SIR? Thanks
  12. The more I sat at work reading this, the madder I got. Tarantula was sharing a successful step in his training that he had completed, as I and many others have when we soloed. I just dont understand why anyone would try to turn this into some negative conversations and take away Tarantulas moment of glory. Maximinious you should have started a new post for your topic and left this one alone. Just my two cents on it.
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