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  1. I have a chance to work for an ag company this season driving a truck, which Im excited about. I was told I be able to fly for them the following season. I'm thinking that I want to do this for a while. I am wondering if I want to move on later, how my experience will be looked at in the industry. I have done tours in a 44, and flight instruction in the past. Thanks in advance for input
  2. I want to start by saying, I used this very useful forum often when I was making a plan to follow my dream of being a helicopter pilot. I didn't post much but read a lot, and used to search function to find answers to many of the questions I had, that had been answered previously. I wasnt able to find anything on this topic though. I recently received an application from URS / AECOM for an instructor position at Fort Rucker. Wondering if anyone has worked there, and what their experience was like? Also how long the application process takes? Because, I also landed an interview next month
  3. Thanks turbotay, flying pig, and Spike. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to respond. Im headed out on my road trip tomorrow, I'm pumped, hopefully I'll something will work out. Please keep the posts coming.
  4. I'm living in Steamboat CO right now.
  5. Thanks for the info on find a pilot.com i hadnt heard of that one. I went to helisuccess last year, couldnt afford it this year. Besides that is mostly geared toward the guys with close to 1000hrs, with companies like ERA, Bristow, and Papillon. Wasnt CO Heli ops the only flight school there this year? I talked with Dennis a couple weeks ago and he isnt looking untill spring.
  6. Ive been using this forum for years, not posting but searching for the information I've needed. And it has been very helpful. That being said I am a CFII with 320hrs heli 100hrs dual given and 510 TT I also have a CDL with a hazmat tanker endorsement. Ive been calling and sending resumes with no results, usally cant get past the receptionist. Im willing to relocate, work as a fueler, fly SIC, fly tours (I have 100hrs R44) , be an intern, move out of the country, hell I'll clean toilets, dont care just want to get flying again. I have good references at all my past employers, I just need
  7. Thank you all for your input I really apprecate it. I should've been more informative on my post. The school Im looking at is Precision Avation in Newberg OR, they have been training for 24 years and I haven't heard anything bad about them. Plus it is family run business with a smaller school atmosphere that I'm very attracted to, and they fly Schweizers. The location is also a big draw for my wife and I, we really loved Oregon. Thanks for Posting dp ( RkyMntHI ) Ive been reading your posts for a couple of years now, your posts are always positve and encouraging. You are at Rotors fo
  8. First time poster, long time reader. I have recently visited a 141 flight school and asked them about loans. They told me since Sallie Mae is done with most schools, including this one, the best option is to enroll part time in an online univeristiy such as Mountain State U or Embry Riddle to take money out for my flight training. Is there anyone out there getting financing this way? Are alternative loans what I need to be applying for? If so, can I tell them the loans are for flight training? How much can you take out a semester? I don't want to call them up and burn a bridge by asking
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