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  1. The only way to fly helicopter simulators on anything close to a real level you need usb helicopter controls. There are several companies that make them. None of them are cheap.
  2. There are a remarkable number of terrible people on the internet. Some of them might even be actual helicopter pilots. I avoid social media like the plague after some innocuous comments got taken way out of hand. Deleted myself from all the facebook pilot groups. I keep it pretty light and un-opinionated these days and just try to keep a low profile. I feel like this industry has been so oversaturated with pilots for so long people legitimately want to see others fail, rather than help each other be better. At least, that's how it seems online. In real life I have had the extreme pleasure of working with scores of amazing and professional men and women and made many life-long friends in this industry. Med-crew on the other hand...
  3. They wont let you use the LOA unless you are a signatory. As long as you are familiar with roads and landmarks they can give you routing info. I suggest you call McCarran tower ahead of time and let them know when you will be there and what you would like to do.
  4. I passed one in 2013 and was on a Speciall Issuance for 3 years. Needed to get a 24 hour urine collection and x-rays as well as written diagnosis from a urologist prior to my annual class 2 physical. Finally after 3 years being stone free, they dropped it. Avbug gave me good advice then too and I appreciate it. I agree with him about that AME. Find another one. Another thing that helped me expedite the reinstatement of my medical was AOPA pilot protection. Worth every penny and literally a phone call away from getting immediate action taken on my file. I got an email with my special issuance 3 days after calling AOPA pilot protection.
  5. I'm kinda confused about the expected progression here. What kind of work prepares you for EMS? Flying tours and the gulf doesn't. Flying Utility maybe has some parallels but as far as making weather decisions and flying at night with NVG's etc, not really. I would say the only thing that really prepares you for EMS is flying EMS. Not even the military seems to prepare you for the EMS industry (sure you may have loads of goggle time but how much time do you have flying as a solo PIC coming out of the military? Chances are that's a big fat zero). How do you get that experience without doing it? Also, EMS companies cannot keep staffed right now. And I don't think its a matter of not paying well enough (although I certainly wish they would pay better). I can't imagine that there is a load of qualified pilots out there waiting for an EMS operator to start paying what they are willing to work for. There just aren't enough "qualified" pilots anymore. There's a shortage. But that shortage is really only a matter of perspective. I think there are plenty of qualified pilots capable of doing EMS. And they aren't in the twilight of their careers either. Many of them just don't meet all of the requirements to get the jobs. I went into EMS right out of tours with a little less than 3000 hours TT (1500 Turbine). EMS is pretty straight forward with good training and a company that doesn't push you to take flights. You have to have your head on straight and be thorough though. And in my short time as an EMS pilot, I can say that the best ones I know are coming from the tour industry, while a lot of the old, high time guys are lazy and barely competent. That's a personal anecdote, so mileage may vary, not available in all states, yada yada. I'm not trying to make a blanket statement. I have just found that there are lots of low to mid time pilots that definitely have what it takes to be safe and successful EMS pilots, and there is a need for them so companies cannot afford to be too picky about high time guys. My biggest gripe with this industry is and always has been that every operator out there wants turn-key pilots who have experience doing that particular job. No one wants to have to invest in their people, and the ones that do make the pilot "earn it" by paying a **** wage while they get the experience they need to move on to a better paying operator. I am hoping the current trends in staffing force some change, but I would be willing to bet that the industry will simply shrink before that happens.
  6. Someone needs a nice tall glass of chilltheFout. I've never gotten a thousand dollar tip, but I've made $1000 in tips in a day flying the canyon. That was an unusually good day, but it happens occasionally. I believe your story Eric. Haterz gonna hate.
  7. Don't worry. It doesn't get any better anywhere else in this industry.
  8. This kind of critique is exactly why I don't post videos anymore. You just open yourself up to every pilot who thinks they "know better" and nitpick every little thing you do.
  9. Don't let that enthusiasm wane as you dive into this industry. My love for these machines is all that keeps me going sometimes.
  10. Is it a good way to meet them? Yes. Is it a good way to date them? Heck no! But by the time you are done with your tour you won’t want to anyway 99.9% of the time. Just remember when you see a pretty girl: somebody somewhere is completely fed up with her $#!T.
  11. What are you planning to do with this aircraft?
  12. Save a life and lose your license! Unless youre in Alaska. Anything goes in Alaska.
  13. Contact Ron Abbott at Helicopterhelmets.com and he will get you squared away. Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with them.
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