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  1. The topic of Homebuilt and Experimental helicopters have been moved and merged into this one thread. Since there seems to be a great deal of information on this topic, users may want to go back and view this thread from the beginning. Thank you!
  2. The recent "Silver State, Good or Bad" thread was merged with the current "Silver State Helicopters" thread. Check the previous pages for additional information and comments. New information and perspectives are greatly appreciated! Keep posting!
  3. Excellent photographs! Come on, guys and gals... let's keep those pictures coming!
  4. Glad to see you on the forum! Come on folks, let's keep those images coming. Also, don't forget about the photo competition.
  5. There seems to be a great deal of interest in Silver State Helicopters, so I've consolidated several threads. The "Silver State Helicopters" thread was moved from the "GENERAL HELICOPTER FORUM" to the "FLIGHT TRAINING" forum. The "Silverstate experience" thread was also moved from the "GENERAL HELICOPTER FORUM" to the "FLIGHT TRAINING FORUM." The following threads were merged into the current "Silver State Helicopters" thread: "Silverstate experience" "Information on Silver State Helicopters???" "Silver State Helicopters, Am I the only one not making $100K?" "Newbie with some questions?" THIS IS A PUBLIC FORUM OF OPINION, SO YOU MAY COMMENT FREELY. HOWEVER, PROFESSIONALISM IS ENCOURAGED AND PERSONAL ATTACKS ARE DISCOURAGED. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT & HELP IN KEEPING THIS THE BEST HELICOPTER FORUM!
  6. I recently moved a few "Skycrane" threads to the new Aircrane Forum (click here). You may need to adjust your preferences in order to display some of the older threads relating to Erickson helicopters.
  7. Multiple "Kit" or "Homebuilt" topics moved and merged into this thread for discussion.
  8. Merged the "Ground Resonance" thread into this discussion.
  9. Fellow Pilots, The Vertical Reference Team is glad you are here! You may have noticed that some topics have been moved and/or merged with others. Although we are making gradual changes to make your experience the best on the Internet, many of these improvements will take time. Please let us know if you have any additional suggestions. Thank you, Heliport
  10. All views and comments are welcome on this forum. However, there is a place for each type of discussion. The helicopter community is a very small group indeed. There are some operators that are questionable, but there are also students or former employees that could not meet company standards. Since Moderators have no way of discerning what is accurate or not, we aren't likely to remove or edit a post. However, if an individual wants to make a post for comment about their experience, then there are areas on this forum for public feedback and critique, where anyone may rebuke a statement.
  11. Gentleman, The topic of this thread is to identify ways in which the Vertical Reference team can make this a better service for you. Kindly limit your comments to something more constructive that would benefit the entire forum. If you prefer, you may start a new thread and continue this discussion elsewhere. Vertical Reference has a very positive reputation in the industry, and the new Moderators want to keep it that way. We rely on the professional pilots on this forum to conduct themselves in a professional manner, or at least make intelligent arguements based on fact or surveys. As a result, you won't see the Moderators step in with a heavy hand as long as those rules are followed. In fact, you will find a "gloves-off" area in the "As the Rotor Turns" location. Sincerely, Heliport
  12. Please limit your topics to ONE forum area at a time. Multiple posts containing the exact same information will be removed. The safest way to make sure you don't miss anything is to click on the "New Posts" link at the top left of the page (next to your logon name). Thank you!
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