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  1. $200K for main rotor blades? lol someone must be outs there mind haha course maybe thats just coming from a poor college student mind frame lol
  2. Excuse me if I have missed it, but does anyone have any reviews or anything about this school?
  3. Wow, that is just awesome....one question though....Whats it use for anti-torque? the back rotors are facing the rear?
  4. I like the write up, it's funny haha.
  5. LOL READ her description...I'm Sure everyone will have something to comment on haha
  6. WOW what INCREDIBLE FOOTAGE. you even managed to not hit a runway light honestly, regaurdless what what anyone says, you definetly did a GREAT job of saving yourself and the ship. My Thumbs are UP
  7. I have 5.1 hours of solo. So I need another 5 hours solo and they want 8 hours dual for prep for the check-ride. I was just wanting to make sure what they told me about 50-55 being average. I'm currently at a part 141 school as well.
  8. How many hours on average would you say a person has before getting their PPL? I know the minimums say you need at least 40 hours total. So what is considered average? how many did you have when you passed your checkride? I'm currently at 41 hours and was told I need another 13 hours total. Which would put me at 51.1 hours total time. Is this average?
  9. In case you guys wanted too see and know more about the glass cockpit, I just ran across this video. should answer all your questions for the most part. and as you can see, there really is no problem with glare or brightness of it. This is the SAME GT I'm getting to use at Palm Beach Helicopters.
  10. Yeah I two one- hour solos coming up one thursday and one friday, then next week i will be doing my first X-Country solo
  11. yeah, I was more or less worried about the wind and how it would effect me. but the extra power is actually kinda of a nice comfort zone(at least to me it is). but yeah I just took off slow and controlled. I didn't try to take off like i normally would. I just eased forward on the cyclic without adding an collective and it worked out perfectly.
  12. Just got done carving my pumpkin, Let me know what you think ! If anyone else did something cool post some pictures !
  13. Did my first patterns ! I taxi'ed to the runway and hover there for about a full minute trying to get the guts up to take off lol. but then i just said to myself "Ok, it's go time ! " and pushed the cyclic forward and once I hit about 10 knots I immediately thought wow, this really is not much different. haha, but over all it went amazing. perfectLY smooth and straight take off's and approaches were spot on, did not have to extend an approach. I just can't explain how hitting ETL for the first time solo feels, it was so amazing. course most of you know what I mean Also, keep in mind that before starting my training, I had only been in a helicopter 1 time and that was for a 5 minute tour down the beach. Previous to that, i have never flown before, not fixed wing or anything. so taking off for me was a big deal lol
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