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  1. What other agencies are hiring into aviation? I have applied to CBP but I just don't have the experience they are looking for... and to gary-mike, my situation isn't that I am a non-select...in fact I was selected once. It is that I can't get a moral waiver, so I can't re-board. ..an update on things; I am going to take the asvab on monday and see what the navy offers me, I also had my information forwarded to a navy officer recruiter to see if I can board into Navy OCS.
  2. In response to the MOS, I personally would like to go into an aviation MOS because I want to enjoy what I'm doing....I would actually go outside of aviation as well but what they offered did not include anything I want to do. As for numbers, I know what you mean with the quota, and I have dealt with recruiters like this, however since he knows there is no other MOS I like, he knows he isn't getting me, so telling me I can't get the waiver isn't benefiting him. As for the waiver, we corrected everything and It wasn't approved, the battalion says It is because it looks like I was withholding information. I am going to call my recruiter to get more info, I don't know much about the waiver process but If the battalion turned it down, I no longer live within that battalions territory, and I might try getting one through the recruiting battalion where I am currently residing. If USAREC turned it down, then I'm screwed. Thanks for the input, I really appreciate any help at this point.
  3. As some of you may remember, I boarded in june of last year and was accepted into WOFT. I was disqualified upon DEPing in, however, because I had a moral waiver that was processed with the wrong charges. Well, after waiting 6 mos and reapplying for a moral waiver, they declined me. I am weighing my options and I would appreciate some input. first off, about me... I am a commercial pilot CFI CFII with 2300 hrs, a BA in aviation, 128 college credits, and I am a check airman at the flight school I work at. My dream is to fly for the Army but it looks like I wont be picked up off the street... ..I discussed my options with the recruiter today, seems like there are no aviation related MOS that they are enlisting people in latley (in fact the MOS list was very short), so enlisting and then putting a packet in isn't much of an option. I talked to a Navy recruiter today and he is having me take another ASVAB then we will see what positions are available, now here are my questions... Is it possible after a few years to transfer from navy to army warrant? If not, what are the chances of becoming an aviator in the navy after serving as an enlist for a few years? If anybody has any feedback, advice or anything to add to this I would appreciate it. Im stuck and I am trying to figure out which road to go down...
  4. There are Moral waivers, not sure if a DUI is waiverable though.
  5. 138 is the total score. Very good job, 138 is good score. and in response to what meps said, they didn't seem to know much about the afast score when I was there...they didn't even know the highest possible score. I think it is because not a ton of people take it.
  6. Just like a lot of people say, improving your PT can sometimes be more of a mental issue than a physical, so even though you feel like you don't have the energy in the AM to do it, try it anyways and see what you are able to do...you may surprise yourself. And if you don't see results immediately, by doing it over time you will see improvements.
  7. I got a 140 as well utilizing the arco book as well as the FAA rotorcraft manual. The FAA manual can be downloaded as a PDF for free: http://www.faa.gov/library/manuals/aircraft/media/faa-h-8083-21.pdf
  8. Yeah, that struck me by surprise at mine as well. Very laid back group of people, in fact we spent more time BSing than we did with the actual interview.
  9. How big is the battalion your interviewing at? I was the only applicant at my board...
  10. Just be yourself, and answer everything honestly. Stay calm and relaxed and make the members of the board know that you are the right person for the job.
  11. LOL for me it was Army vs Marines every time (not taboo, just hating on one another)....and I was the only army applicant. infact on my last visit I was the only applicant not going into the Marines.
  12. If your a civi applicant, there is no military format that must be followed.
  13. most of mine were from people who have known me for a while, however through networking I was able to get one from a high ranking aviator in the Army. Even he wanted to sit down and get to know me before writing anything up.
  14. It is a requirement for the packet. Here is a link to see how the scoring is done: http://usmilitary.about.com/od/army/a/afpt.htm
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