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  1. I want to sart getting some names in a pool. I may need to have a replacement pilot for myself. I fly for the owner. It would be best if you're a CFI. An A&P is a big help but doesn't rule you out if you are not. My opinion of what will work best: Relax - just be a good safe pilot. You might be a new Captian but you need to be strong enough to tell the owner NO when you need to. Probably best if you are single, able to be happy with simple lifestyle (small towns). Not looking for partiers. Not looking for "cowboys". Cowgirls are ok! Here is how we go forward: Email me with your cont
  2. Hi, The needles are patented and are generally proprietary. If I knew of one that was available for you, I would let you know. Are you part of the powerline installation? I may be able to get closer to helping you if I know how you fit in the project. I happen to be in NY state. If I find out more I will drop you a note. Thanks, Jeff
  3. A picture of Gentle 18 in the dry valleys. What a gig!!!
  4. Under a twin huey, a sling-load of small drill pipe started osciallating. The load had to be "Pickled" one quick touch of the Pickle switch and away she fell.
  5. Good news the adult bird is feeding it. Probably the best thing is to leave it alone as much as possible (in a safe place) and maybe try seeing if it will take some sugar water or honey water from a plastic syringe. I would keep, as much as possible, out of its direct sight as you try to feed it. Good luck to the bird!!
  6. How big is that thing? Is it heavy metal or lighter aluminum alloy? Does it cost anything to guess as to what it is? Not knowing what it is, I will make a few stabs at it. Is it part of the main rotor- distribution system? Also, judging by the mount pads and the sealing surfaces, could it be part of the pneumatics distribution. Not sure if the aircraft has aircond. but might be about the right size for something to do with an air-cycle machine. Might be a fun game you've started
  7. Secondary thought... It could be possible as well, to bring the aircraft to you, with CFI.
  8. If you have interest in an R-22 in Clarksville, MD let me know. Thanks, Jeff
  9. Thank you for your service USMCGRUNT. I don't have an answer to question. Wally, you have inspired me. I think I will wear my Navy helo flight crew wings from now on.
  10. Maybe you know of someone that would like to fly some.I will have the use of an R-22 during the month of June. Nothing super special about the pricing but if you are a rated pilot and would like to be able to get some hours this might be of interest. The ship is not mine and this is primarily to let the owner cover his costs. I can double check, but I think it will come in around $230/hr. I can probably come up with a place to stay for a day or two as well. A block of time would be best. I am not looking to drive 6 hours there and fly for 1.5 or so. I will, in most cases, go with you. Locat
  11. I have access to an R-22 near CLarksville, MD. I think it will come in around $230 and hour. Maybe not the cheapest, but maybe closer for you. Thanks, Jeff A block of hours would be best since I have about 6 hours travel time. You can call me. 607-621-7482
  12. Hi Lyn, I left you a note a few days ago. I have 212 and 205 overhaul experience and 212 crewchief and external load experience as well. I would like to know if I can help anyone out in those areas. Thanks.
  13. Hi All, Thanks for the feedback thus far. I suppose I could have better directed this question more towards the maintenance operations. I am not trying to decide which ship to use. I had hoped to get feedback on issues like interaction with "Schweizer" end of Sikorsky's business. As In: Their R/O return order system, parts warranty, timeliness, rotable parts and parts tracking, supply chain issues. These are the types of areas I wanted to know more about from owners. I already went to SOG (yeah,,,, thats schweizer owners group). Not a lot of feedback yet. Thanks again
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