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  1. Fast tracking to the airlines is going to take 100% of your time, and army flight school will hold you back. If you want to be an Army Aviator so be it, but understand that it will significantly slow down your progression to the airlines. If you really want to do both, start working on your airplane ratings and time building now. Do not wait for RTPs to come back and definitely don’t plan on them for your ratings.
  2. Helicopters are definitely more dynamic and exciting that’s for sure. Thankfully the airplane I fly is quite a bit more hands on than our jet. We also fly into a lot of interesting places around the Pacific Northwest.
  3. I’m really enjoying airline flying, it’s plenty challenging. But I suppose it’s not for everyone. I just want to make a good career out of leaving the ground and the airlines are the best fit for my goals. If you want to put down roots somewhere it’s hard to beat.
  4. Yeah easy access to a pool is a huge QOL boost. We had one in my neighborhood.
  5. Do your best but don't drag your heels, your goal should be to get a quality packet submitted as soon as you can. If you have a weak point make sure you're compensating somewhere else in your packet. Having some aviation experience is good but understand that it's somewhat irrelevant to what you're going to be doing in the Army, so in your resume/essay you can highlight your experience but don't focus on it. In other words that can't be the only egg in your basket.
  6. Nobody has a crystal ball. The next decade may see Army Aviation as the place to be. Or it might be a turd. Every service is going to have a level of unpredictability with it. Look at the 174th Fighter Wing in New York, who traded their F16s for UAVs. That had to be a tough pill to swallow. Why do you want to do this? What is attracting you to it? How do you picture yourself in the job? These questions may help narrow down where you’ll fit in.
  7. Seniority is important but so is timing. There are guys way above me on the seniority list that have a worse quality of life because their timing sucks. Also, I disagree about rotary experience and the airlines. Military rotary is still a good thing to have on a resume, it just won’t hook you up with the “bros” like some of the other military options. I have been incredibly satisfied with my snail’s pace career. Enjoy the road you’re on.
  8. I stuck around the Army as long as I could without chasing a career. I wasn’t interested in professional military education, OERs, promotions, etc. That’s not what I was serving for. I wanted to be the best aviator in the unit. I worked hard on my additional duties but not to the detriment of my flying. Eventually that becomes a dead end in Army Aviation. The timing was right though. I started to really appreciate the risks of the job and realized that my time was up. I spent my entire 20s flying in the Army and my aggressiveness was quickly fading as I entered my 30s. I looked at
  9. I'm glad you read my stories. Looking at your other posts on the forums I acknowledge and appreciate that you have significant experience in the rotorcraft industry. I also understand why you've decided to key in on a single sentence in all of my writing that might have lifted your eyebrows a bit. I try to insert a little humility when I write about myself. I don't enjoy listening to pilots who only share their strengths and neglect to show their weaknesses. That single sentence was highlighting a point about my inexperience at the time. Of course I knew the parts and pieces as
  10. Regional flying isn’t a bad gig, especially relative to helicopter flying. It’s very flexible too. I could bid airport reserve and be home every night if I wanted to.
  11. You’re asking a bunch of pilots who fly to rigs for their living, to help you research a way to fly their cargo to the rig without them. Man I’m surprised you haven’t gotten more help!
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