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  1. Regional flying isn’t a bad gig, especially relative to helicopter flying. It’s very flexible too. I could bid airport reserve and be home every night if I wanted to.
  2. You’re asking a bunch of pilots who fly to rigs for their living, to help you research a way to fly their cargo to the rig without them. Man I’m surprised you haven’t gotten more help!
  3. I was wrong. Finally got the vid to play. Good call. Edit: ROC-V is getting tough these days. LoL
  4. The first sentence of every paragraph should punch hard. When skimming your essay that’s the part they’re going to read. Definitely avoid saying things like “I’m the same as all the other applicants” like you did in the very first sentence. Edit: I marked up your essay a bit. I'm not a proofreader so I don't have a red pen and I don't use the correct symbols, so if something doesn't make sense I apologize. Generally what I did was strike out repetitive stuff and added some power to your essay. You used a lot of "wish" words which do not present confidence, so I got rid of th
  5. Thousands of pilots have overcome lack of binocular depth perception while learning to fly with night vision goggles, as well as monocle systems like in the Apache. If you can get a medical you shouldn’t have any trouble learning to fly.
  6. Is the issue that you cannot sit for a long time, or that you cannot go without peeing for a long time? Because if it is the latter I would just get myself some adult diapers and go for it dude.
  7. A friend of mine was at Papillon for a few years. Lots of turnover so I imagine if you're persistent you can eventually land a job there. Have you thought about applying to whoever the contractor is now at Rucker? I'm sure that's pretty competitive, but should be an option with you being an IP right? I've been out of the loop for a few years now, wish I could help more.
  8. I had ~1700 total hours when I got out and tours in Vegas was the most promising prospect I was looking at. During normal times there’s seasonal work that pops up you could qualify for, and might as well apply to the higher minimums jobs and see if you can get any interviews. Customs and Border Protection might be an option, I don’t know how competitive it is these days but definitely give it a shot. There’s also the Guard to pad your transition a bit. It sucks out there right now that’s for sure.
  9. If you are able to, try and get a flight line job at the biggest FBO nearby. Part time or full time, whatever you can make happen. That exposure is going to be invaluable when you’re making decisions later in your career, and the networking can open doors for you early on.
  10. I do indeed want to cause trouble. I want to make it difficult for you to figure out how to start a Bell 205 without receiving proper instruction. Your question is not typical of someone “starting somewhere” and you are not asking things that a typical newcomer would ask. But hey, I’ve said my piece so I’ll leave you alone.
  11. It’s not dumb or wrong at all. This is a sensitive industry when it comes to security. 2 years ago a line tech stole an airliner and looped and rolled it around Puget Sound for an hour. It all started with him getting familiar with the start procedure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Horizon_Air_Q400_incident He stole an airliner from a busy, well secured airport. Assuming you have a plan for stealing the key and accessing the aircraft your last barrier is the start procedure. Maybe you are a disgruntled employee working for an operator. Maybe you are who you say
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