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  1. with your indepth knowledge working airspace and seperation requirements placed on controllers you should be at an advantage understanding what the controllers are expecting and your communication skills should far exceed others just starting... However working the controls is a whole new skill set that will determine your success... fyi it's those tower weenies that seem to have the most difficulty transitioning to actual flight slots and for whatever reason tracon seems so have no problems, but that's probabaly because they see the big picture and line everything up for the tower who simply says "cleared to land" Hahahaha!!!!!!
  2. approach will give you pretty much whatever you've requested since you are pic. atc's function is to simply expidite traffic flow in a safe and orderly manner insuring aircraft seperation... and just for clarifaction and future reference the faa controller is required to know the meaning of your equipment suffix and has a basic understanding of the equipment function/capability. Everyone have a safe and happy thanksgiving...
  3. Since you already have your degree... You can always look into the Marine guaranteed pilot program, which pays higher than the army's warrant officer program and opens you up to additional career opportunities and various type of aircraft... However they will not guarantee rotorcraft and that means you could end up flying fixed wing aircraft based of the needs of the Marines at time of selection... Hope this helps...
  4. Ok... This topic comes up all the time about networking and whether or not someone should start training... As everyone knows I'm a huge supporter of networking and truely believe a person has to accept responsibility for their own success or failures... I've heard every excuse under the sun on this forum as to why I shouldn't start training and how networking just isn't going to help my career goals and is a waste of time... Yet I'm one of those smart enough to ignore the choir boys and have landed a job with a tour operater in Vegas... I'm sure happy all that networking and hard work upsets everyone else, because if you'd been doing it you just might of landed my job The moral of this story is simple... Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda... Hope everyone has a great weekend, and remember Networking and Hard Work pays dividens...
  5. The list of closures is going to impact "contract towers" which are simply a contract awarded to one of several private contractors years ago when the government was considering contracting out all smaller faa towers. So it would seem the canceling or non renewal of these contracts is the quickest way for the faa to reduce it's spending in accordance with the current administrations demands. Looking at the list I know of one contract tower that has very few commercial flights a day and clearly doesn't warrant the manning of a tower, yet for whatever reason that tower isn't scheduled to be closed. That contract was awarded less than 10 years ago, which leads me to believe those being closed are with contracts nearing expiration...
  6. ASU & UND are the only two universities in the U.S. offering high altitude chamber training. Flight profiles are either FAA Part 141 certified or chamber flight profiles follow established formats that are customized to fit customer requirements... Such as those profiles used by extreme athletes and altitude chambers are also utilized for human subject research and product development/ testing. Here's an example of how flight profiles differ... helicopters vs fighter: Helicopter – Ear and sinus check up to 6,000 feet and back to G.L. Slow ascent (500 feet/min) to 18,000 feet. Level for hypoxia demonstration. Complete hypoxia demonstration. Start Night Vision Demonstration. Conduct Night Vision Demonstration and descend to G.L. at 500 feet/min. Fighter – Ear and sinus check up to 6,000 feet and back to G.L. Ascend to 25,000 feet at 5,000 feet/min. Level at 5,000 feet and do hypoxia demonstration. Complete hypoxia demonstration and descend to 18,000 feet for Night Vision Demonstration. Conduct Night Vision Demonstration and descend to G.L. at 5,000 feet/min. Rapid Decompression profile will immediately follow. Everyone have an awesome weekend.
  7. haha... That would be one of the Chamber employees doing a little creeping, j/k he's a nice guy. If your in Vegas next Friday come down to Fremont Street, track me down and I'll hook you up with a couple t-shirts and photos with the new 850hp fire breathing Trophy Truck...
  8. Don't forget the altitude chamber at Arizona State University where RedBull's Felix Baumgartner, USPS Tour De France Cycling Team and numerous other extreme athletes have trained including myself... https://technology.asu.edu/facilities/aviation/altitude-chamber Just me doing a little high altitude training
  9. WOW... I'm amazed this is still going... Nearly Retired... I'll leave you with these words of wisdom and please don't take it personally... Simply accept it as words of advice... Some Christians have labeled atheists as stupid or morally void. Though there may be some atheists who fit these categories (as would many in the general population), atheists are not categorically stupid, degenerates with no morals. Many of them are fine citizens, honest, caring, loving, and patient. For a Christian to start off with such a blanket statement can backfire. Pride is a harmful thing. It caused the fall. It ruins marriages. It leads to anger and self-righteousness. It has no place in the Christian's life. Never admitting you are wrong is being prideful. If an atheist, or anyone, proves you wrong in something, be kind and courteous. Admit you made a mistake and go on. Everyone makes mistakes, even atheists. There is nothing wrong with admitting an error. That doesn't mean you are wrong about Christianity any more than being wrong about the color of a boat means boats don't exist. On the other hand, if you never admit when you are wrong, you will not be able to convince anyone of your position when in a discussion. You will simply lose the respect of the one with whom you are debating.
  10. 'Nearly Retired' I'm not going to belabor the original point, but instead use your own words to show how your own words can be compared to those of a faith based religion gone awry... First I need to clear up something you stated in your last post... Your now claiming to never have attacked Maria's reputation or professionalism... However in one of your very first post you stated "she appears to be one of the most selfish, angry, bitter, unChristianlike (she's an avowed atheist for crying out loud), ungenerous, unhelpful people in the industry." You then proceed for several post to imply your emulating christ in condeming a professional pilot for lacking in moral character, because they just might be an atheist... Plus lets not forget the fact you already stated "she appears to be one of the most selfish, angry, bitter, unChristianlike (she's an avowed atheist for crying out loud), ungenerous, unhelpful people in the industry." Now in your latest post you state "I never "attacked" the female cherry-drying pilot blogger. But I knew you'd take it that way." Then several lines later what do you post yet again, yet another personal attack on her reputation and professionalism that states "I find her unpleasant and disagreeable, with a demonstrable lack of intelligence, logic and ability to reason (disturbing qualities for a pilot)." I'm smart enough to know debates about religion and politics can easily get out of hand and in most cases no one ever wins the debate, because both side will always have to agree to disagree... However when one starts using their own religion as a basis to condemn another person for no apparent reason other than a persons personal beliefs while knowing that persons beliefs in no way affects or interferes with your own way of life is cause for great concern... We live in the United States of America where freedom of religion isn't governed or controlled by the masses or our leaders in Washington, individuals have an irrevocable right to choose whether or not to partake in the practice of religion... Now here's the scary part of your argument and it just so happens to be why I choose to debate you on this subject... For whatever reason you have choosen to repeatedly belittle this womans reputation and professionalism based on your perceived understanding of christ and your sincere desire to emulate him... Now lets expand on this flawed logic... You've personally attacked this person based on your religious belief that atheist are un-christain like people lacking in acceptable moral character and as such god has now given you the right to attack that person in an effort to advance your religious agenda... Sound familar, it should because this is the exact same logic muslim extremist use to attack americans... You failed to respond to my request to substantiate your attack based on your christain faith because it doesn't exist and never will... For you to concoct an excuse for a personal attack on another pilots reputation based on religion was ill-conceived and shows a lack of good moral character on your part...
  11. Contact Dakota Aicraft Parts, they specialize in military parts including the UH-1 and most likely can help point you in the right direction... http://www.dakotaairparts.com/ Dakota Air Parts Int'l. Inc. 1801 23rd Ave. North Suite 119 Fargo, ND 58102 Phone: +1 (701) 297-9999 Fax: +1 (701) 297-9991 Also if you pm a list of what you have one of my friends purchased a UH-1 a few months ago and might be interested...
  12. Nearly Retired You've failed to answer two specific and important questions in my post regarding your credibility... Provide an example of Christ or any christain faith belittling anyone for any reason since your arguement is based on YOUR belief in the christian faith... You do understand locating this very important information will provide the very substance required to substantiate your attack on this pilots reputation... However failure to locate supporting information means you've violated the religious beliefs your arguements based on. Do you know anyone flying/working at JT's... Since you do fly out of Brewster I can safely assume you do and that was the reason for your attack... I'm always willing to listen, but only if your willing to answer these simple questions... You've attacked a pilots reputation and using your christain faith as the reason... So just like I did when everyone was attacking DS_HMMR's reputation I'm requesting you clear up a few things, but up until now you've pretty much refused to substantiate your attack... You claim to be a christian and emulate Christ, and then attack a persons professional reputation based on that faith... I just don't get it, so prove to me this type of religious belief is acceptable...
  13. Please enlighten me as to when Christ spread rumors, verbally attacked or belittled anyone male or female? It's not the fact your attempting to belittle a womans reputation... It's the fact your doing so in the name of Christ and your Christain Values... I'm really surprised you claim such a great belief in Christain values, yet fail to see what's wrong with your arguement and it's serious lack of substance to substantiate such an outrageous claim targeting a successful pilot who just happens to be a woman... The failure on your part to provided anything of substance to support your claims, other than a link to a competing male pilots website that is pretty much a duplicate of the female pilots website, leaves the door open for one to assume you do not have any factual information to contribute to this thread other than a failed attempt to degrade a successful female pilots reputation... Since reactions to your post can only be based on the information you've provided and given the fact you've failed to substantiate any of your statements, myself and others are left with no other option but to conclude you either hate the fact your ag-services are competing with and losing market share to a female owned business, or you simply hate female pilots... Neither is an excuse for your attack on her reputation... However if you'd like to take the time to substantiate your claims and prove me wrong, I'm listening...
  14. WOW... Really... Let me ask this... Why does it seem everytime a woman becomes successful some guy comes along starts garbage like this? I'll tell you why, the people/pilots engaged in this trash talking are simply intimidated by a strong woman... I can't tell you the number of times I've been verbally attacked by idiots yelling slut/whore/bitch across the ramp or hanger simply because I put in the hard work required to become proficient enough to excel in this career field... I'm not friends with Maria, but I've met her and know enough about her to know she's established herself as a true professional business woman that has achieved repeated success in a two different career fields... That in and of itself requires a level a level of dedication and professionalism few are willing or prepared to commit too... Plus she has over 2800 hours in helicopters... So Maria has paid her dues and deserves the same respect as any other professional pilot... Maria has posted on her website "not hiring pilots" which is the exact same wording as "not hiring pilots" JT has posted on their website... But for whatever reason when the "Good Old Boys" post those three words it has a completely different meaning than if a woman posted it... To start this kind of trash talking and refer to "good moral character" in the name of christ, seems like an oxymoron... So just maybe you can find the time to enlighten me with a reference pointing to where christ was involved in trash talking about women or if that's asking to much any christain reference where it's ok to belittle another person in the name of faith... Fact is I don't think it exist, but then again I'm not the moral police... Be my guest and flame away, because the days of women being stuck at home barefoot and pregnant, without the ability to chase their dreams have long been over... So like it or not, women are here to stay and will continue to succeed through hard work and dedication...
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