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  1. Shindig: If I boost my pt score, will that help? Recruiter: No, but have you considered a career in the infantry son?
  2. Funny you say that, I have a buddy who's a former 60 crew chief. Said the exact same thing.
  3. For the majority, yes they will. At least, so I hear from my Warrants. I'm about to PCS down there in a couple weeks.
  4. In other news...is anybody here in Class 16-006 for WOCS? Class date 20 Jan.
  5. Phone back? Shouldn't you being doing push ups or something?
  6. The Army can even pay for the majority of your college while you're in without using your G.I. Bill. Something to really consider if you're serious.
  7. You should enlist, gain experience and maturity, and only then you should consider a career in flying.
  8. It was. The grounding was lifted yesterday around 1700 CT. Not just helicopters, all aircraft.
  9. I got an interview opportunity with a CW5 Division SP. So to me, that was huge. This gentleman had 30 years in as a pilot. Talking to him, it seemed he had done everything and knew everybody. I felt that this made my packet speak volumes having a LOR from him. I knew his background somewhat beforehand, so I made sure my packet was straight before he reviewed it. One thing I didn't want, was for him to think I wasn't deserving of the opportunity. LORs are vital. They speak volumes and carry a lot of the weight of your packet. However, the board will be looking at the whole Soldier concept. Everything in your packet has to be straight. Put that extra time and effort in to get that LOR from a CW5 and nail that interview.
  10. Agreed. I gave them a test run a few weeks back, very happy with them. Never did like the gray PTs.
  11. Awesome, I appreciate it. As time gets closer, I begin to feel a little more nervous about getting everything squared away. I also just spent the last of my clothing allowance on the new PTs, which potentially could have been a bad idea, but too late now.
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