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  1. It appears that landing below the high water mark on a river is legal where boats are allowed. This differs from my thread in Nov about landing on public land in general. I called them also, they did not confirm but couldn't point to a law restricting it.
  2. Hello All, I have been told that landing on islands/sandbars is ok in California as long as boats are able to use the area also. From what I have found regarding seaplanes, this appears to be correct. It is part of the public trust for access. Can you someone confirm? Thanks Jim
  3. its at a remote cabin, the storms are over now. i cleaned it up, did a thorough preflight. it fired right up. i hovered for about 5 minutes then went for a quick flight. its going to get cold tonight so i wanted to get all the water out of everthing. We are flying yellowstone park on friday, should be awesome! thanks for the help and insight. Didnt think I would be dealing with a storm while out here...
  4. ill be sure and clear all ice etc before takeoff, my concern is it sitting in rain/snow for 3 days prior...
  5. leading edge in oregon has an ifr trainer...
  6. im 1/3 of the way across the country... i would love to have a hanger... from the research i have done, the blades can handle the weight and I will clean it off daily, its the droop stops that are the concern. i put the collective up to dump the snow easier. I understand the concern about freezing, I have heard of helis sitting on the ramp in new jersey all winter with no icing problems. im interested in what your cfi in montana says...
  7. Does anyone know how much snow can build up on a r44 raven ii's blades before it becomes an issue... its stuck ouside and can't be moved... thanks in advance.
  8. it wasn't the shutter that was uncomfortable, it was the 500'/min and the shutter... 500'/min and no shutter or 100'/min and OGE hover walking it in...
  9. My other concern is using the same approach for an LZ at 6,500 feet with 50' trees and only about 60' diameter. His approach seems to be standard operating procedure and I am very concerned about sending him on a flight at high altitude and in the middle of winter. I am afraid I will find a raven II smashed into the LZ... I think the correct approach would be: 1. enter an OGE hover with lots of room to escape 2. go to max power and see if I can climb, make sure I have at least 1" between hover and max power 3. slowly crawl the helicopter over the LZ, 4. descend vertically at 100'/min 5. Check for white out conditions 6. Have a tree to reference in case of white out 7. Land w/ tail clear Does that sound right?
  10. From what I saw, we came in way too steep and way too slow. We should have been able to land at less than 300'/min and avoided the whole settling w/ power issue. Riding the ETL shutter all the way down means we were on the edge of ETL, a 5 knot wind change and we could have settled into the side of the mountain or hit the trees on approach. My concern is settling w/ power, not if we had enough performance to land.
  11. I experienced an off airport landing at altitude as a passenger. I am left wondering was this the right thing to do? Helicopter: r44 raven II 5/8 fuel 3-200 pound passengers Altitude: 4500' Temp: 50degrees F Wind: Calm/Variable LZ: log deck on pinnacle w/ trees about 30' tall around it. 120' clear diameter At about 1/8 mile out from the LZ, rate of descent was 500'/min. We were in the ETL shutter the whole way in at 500'/min. until we hit IGE and landed. I know how I would have approached this, but many of you have thousands of hours on me, comments?
  12. perfect thanks for the help on this.
  13. If we were out looking for new comm sites and wanted to land at one we just found, or ... after a big storm where multiple comm sites were down and we didn't know other sites needed attention until the first one was restored... I can't find anything in the far/aim restricting landing on public land without permission. I also can't find any federal laws restricting helicopters from landing on usfs or blm land. If there isn't any, they wouldn't be able to site you correct?
  14. Something very interesting... The feds say it is requested to maintain 2000 feet agl above wilderness areas, except certain parks where is actually states it on the sectional. California document says it is unlawful but isn't it federal airspace and outside of California's authority?
  15. Interesting, thanks for the replys. Does anyone have law restricting landing on blm or forest service? I know we should get permission, but there are certain situations where getting permission in advance is very hard.
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