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  1. A little update here, it has been quite some time now since my last post. All I really wanted to put out though was WOCS was awesome it was nothing like what anyone one said it would be like. I learned so much there and had such great experiences. The highlight of the class would be getting airlifted full combat load onto the back of a CH-47 and flown on a simulated mission to a hot lz... SO freaking awesome.... I was the historian for the class, which is the best job get it if you can, so I'll get my class video up here in a bit. Other than that I'm finally living the dream here at rucker can't wait for BOLC and SERE!
  2. Wow I'm really surprised out how freaking accurate this is, I followed allot of these rules steps ect. and got accepted (way before this post). If you want to make it into WOFT follow this guys advice, it will save allot of heart break. I thank God I had a recruiter who bent over backwards to get me through WOFT which is really impossible to find these days. Other than that it is all you and getting your crap squared away. 17 days hooah!!!
  3. Alright I have a friend who is active Marines he wants to drop a WOFT packet he a has a 6 year contract and is only 1.5 in. can he drop a packet?
  4. Get used to the waiting it only gets worse, I had to wait for my selection results for 3 months.
  5. http://www.facebook.com/CWOBMW1990 ok here this should make things easier.
  6. Yeah just Add Florida, Clearwater and you should find me.
  7. Ok so I thought I'd pm everyone who was on there way into the army with my real name so they can look me up on facebook. But I feel far to lazy to write all those pm's. So I'm Bryan White look me up on FB if you want to stay in touch as I leave for basic, rucker, ect. Just say your from VR Forum.
  8. Not really I'm working and working out pretty much everyday. And pt every week at the station. I have been trying to see friends before I leave, I start packing up stuff this week though so that should add to the chaos...
  9. I think Hooah is more of Infantry thing, correct me if I'm wrong but most pilots I've met don't really say it at all. One gave me such a weird look when I said Hooah Sir! I like rattling it off though it's such a great word, so many uses for it. 40 Days til ship! HOOAH!
  10. Roger that, my theory with everything is to learn the most I can about something, plan the for the worst, and then execute it the best I can. I'm not worried I just want to be prepared.
  11. The Major at my board said my PT score was one of the better parts of my packet. If you knew me you would know how solid I try to keep my PT score, btw I puked 4 times during my test at the station. I earned my score. Not that puking has anything to do with earning anything but I pushed myself beyond what I normally could do. Anyway I'll be at Rucker in early January right after exodus. You should be in flight school by then. I wish I could leave now. 52 days til BCT.
  12. Well I'm guessing you have been there, can you talk about what I can expect to face?
  13. How tough is SERE? I ship for BCT in 7 weeks, back for exodus then WOCS. Is there anything you can do to prepare for it?
  14. Run, run, run, and oh yes run. I maxed everything out except that run, and it is a beast to improve. I think I got a 295?
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