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  1. I got my CPL, Instrument, CFI and II there. The staff is all different since i graduated but the ships are well maintained and they fly a police contract with their R44.
  2. Why hasen't anyone recommended Oakley. They are by far the best sunglasses you can buy and come in a huge variety of styles.
  3. The fuse near the gascolator is to feed power to the clock
  4. The regs only require that you carry spare fuses that are accessible to the pilot in flight. Also if you look the one on the right is a spare
  5. At the factory they told us it was for lateral range of motion
  6. First think about how much more progress you would be making if you where being taught and not just monitored. Also if you are working on your CFII he should be doing most of the flying and you should be critiquing him. If you really feel there is a problem you should have a frank conversation with him and tell him you feel that you require a more involved style of instruction. If he refuses to change speak to the chief instructor.
  7. I might be interested in some 22 time where is it and what do you charge per hour
  8. AStarB3


    2) If you read carefully it is 8degrees of pitch twist. This means that from the rotor mast if you measured the pitch angle of the rotor right at the hub and then measured the pitch angel at the tip of the rotor there would be a difference of -8 degreed. This is because the rotor is moving slower at the center of the disk so a greater pitch angle is required
  9. believe it or not there is actually an R22 police addition... Check the back of your R22 POH
  10. awesome job you can now call yourself a pilot
  11. You can receive a PIC endorsement for the R44 with 5 hours of dual with Robby rated instructor. The 25/50 hour requirement only applies to instructors. For the flight to be legal you will have to pay at least your pro rata share because you are not 135. If it was me I would pay for the flight as a wedding present because then the whole operation is under private pilot privileges and there is no question who is operating the flight. The landing are is another story. I don't know where the wedding is being held but the city I live in has an ordinance against landing aircraft off airport. Also in some counties it is illegal to land within certain distances of a school. If none of these issues apply to you and the wedding is being held on private property all you need is the permission of the owner. The only other issue I can see is that most insurance companies require 500 hours for you to be able to act as PIC and carry passengers in the R44. You should be very specific about your intentions with the helicopter when you rent it. I wish I had the opportunity to do something like this (seeing that I am in the same position you are) and wish you the best of luck.
  12. Control reversal pertains to a loss of airflow over the horizontal stabilizer. When the doors are off there is a very steady flow of air from the nose of the helicopter to the tail. When the doors come off that airflow is disturbed and the effectiveness of the stabilizers is lost. Your fore and aft control will not be reversed but more forward cyclic will be required.
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