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  1. I haven't been able to get on to the CJ systems website, can someone confirm the web address. Also,can anyone tell me some of the operators in the North Florida and South Georgia area? I have found some and I have seen some others but don't know whose helos they are. Thanks
  2. I am looking for any current or former employees that could give me some info about working for them. Any info relating to a pilot and wife and child would be appreciated, the environment, the pay, the aircraft, the lifestyle. etc. PM me if you can many thanks
  3. Can anyone tell me the starting salary at Air Evac, Inc (no EMS experience but meet all requirements) Thanks
  4. Can someone give me some other options for cellphone use offshore? I definately don't want to get stuck with international charges. Do the prepaid cellphones work from the platforms? Does anyone know of a provider that has a plan that does cover this area? Thanks
  5. Anybody use a cheap road GPS and plug in their own waypoints where the rigs are? Not much shows up once your past the shoreline on an aviation GPS anyway. Also can any one give a review of the Garmin 76 or 96.
  6. Does anyone have any info on them? Do they have a website? What are their minimum requirements? Anything else?
  7. Can you tell me where you moved to, and what made you leave PHI?
  8. I'm ready to send in the resume, I am hoping for 14/14 so my choices are PHI,ERA, & RLC. I have asked many people to recommend the best company, and as we have all seen from other posts everyone has strong opinions. Maybe its just me but I'm always wary of taking advise from someone with a one sided view, I spoke to a pilot today who told me I should avoid PHI like the plague. He knew this as a fact because he worked at one of the other two. When I asked if he had worked for PHI of course he answered 'No', when asked of he had visited PHI again he said 'No'. I would like to ask thi
  9. So if you had no electrical power the governor would not work but the correlator would.
  10. What kind of training program do they offer new hires. Is it ground and flight?
  11. "Everyone already knows where Silver State is headed... Toilet." HANG ON, that seems a little harsh and rude....................................... What did a toilet ever do to you? They are already pretty far down on the totem pole, why do you have to lower them right to the bottom by associating them with that SSH place?
  12. FLCFI, Do you realise that the money have you spent and the experience you have acquired make you a professional pilot? Why are you offering to pay for a service that you earned the right to charge for? An offer like this lowers the standard for those that make a living off ferry flights. I do not doubt your skills, ferry flights can be demanding, but I do doubt that you have thought this through. Robinson's are coming off the line constantly and there are lines and lines of owners that need a pilot to fly one away with them, those pilots should not provide this service for free. Your email ad
  13. L.A. sectional good until 12/21/06 L.A. terminal Phoenix Sec. was new on Oct 26th Omaha good to 02/15/07 Wichita good to 01/18/07 Chicago was new Oct 26th Green Bay good to 12/21/07 Pretty sure those dates are correct, I can check if your interested.
  14. Anyone know where I could sell some sectionals? Does anyone here look on Ebay for them, I haven't seen any there so it doesn't look like a good place to try. I just did a delivery so I have 4 or 5 and a couple of them were new on the 26th October, seems like a big waste to throw them out.
  15. Very common problem. If you look in Rotorcraft Handbook in 'Turns' I believe it says you may need forward cyclic to maintain airspeed. So if you are pulling back (which is easy to do without knowing) you will lose airspeed and it will come down pretty quick. If your an airplane pilot I would suggest keeping you eyes on your pedal movement, I bet your are turning with the pedals too.
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