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  1. The handwritten and typed copies are the same. Just keep the written copy neat, legible, and one page long. You'll want to get a high, competitive score on your APFT too.
  2. Congratulations! That is excellent to hear. Would you by any chance mind sharing some info about yourself and the elements of your packet? That seems obligatory 'round these parts
  3. Good to hear - lets hope it works out for you this time! Good luck!
  4. I agree - I'm going in for a full 20 if not longer. There's no way I'm leaving the Army's sweet birds to be an R22 instructor for $15/hr
  5. That's a great book! AH-64 is my first choice, OH-58 second. Though I wouldn't be disappointed with anything, really.
  6. Yes the ARCO/Peterson's "Master The Military Flight Aptitude Tests" is a good book and I have it. There is another I've heard about but forget the name of that is horrible and provides wrong answers to sample questions. I believe it's black and yellow. Just go with ARCO and you'll be fine. I got it at Barnes and Noble as well.
  7. No, you don't need any flight time as it isn't a requirement for WOFT. As far as I know a regular resume as you would use for any other job is sufficient. I'm in the same boat as you - (some) college, and just a short intro helicopter flight. Focus on test scores, PT!, and getting good letters of recommendation, and you'll do fine.
  8. I'll admit that before I started doing research and applying for WOFT myself, I never realized how significant aviation is within the Army, and had never even heard of a Warrant Officer! It's just a basic generalization with people who either don't know much about the military or don't know much outside of their branch. It's like when they think Navy, they think ships...Air Force, jets...Army, infantry...and Marines, Vietnam? Haha, jk...but people don't seem to know what they do. There's just alot of other facets to each branch the people don't realize, especially Army Aviation because
  9. I've been going to the gym for the past month to lift weights (upper and lower body) and do some cardio. I've also been watching what I eat. It's slow but I'm making progress. I recommend fitday.com to track your daily food and activities.
  10. Haha, yeah...I figured there was something wrong with what he said seeing as nearly EVERYONE going WOFT mentions it. Can anyone shed some light as to when and where the fitness test takes place in the application journey? I have a lot of work to do in the body department
  11. Thanks for the post Lindsey! I began my packet last week and when asked, the recruiter said a fitness test wasn't part of the packet; something that is done sometime after board selections. He seemed pretty confident saying it. Can someone verify if he is right or wrong? Thanks
  12. Thank you for the post - it helps consolidate a lot! I started my WOFT application with my recruiter this past week and when asked, he said that a fitness test wasn't a component of the packet. Basically he said that it doesn't occur until sometime after board selections. Can someone shed some light on this to prove him right or wrong? If the PT is part of the packet then I have a long way to go to be competitive on it, although I've recently started going to the gym a lot. Thanks
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