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  1. Just wondering if anyone has visited, or is scheduled to visit, their local Squadron and if so how did it go? I'm about 2 hours from Fort Bragg, NC and will be going there for most of my process. I'd like to get in touch with some squadrons out there and schedule a visit while I'm in the area. I know that while I was aboard MCAS Cherry Point I talked to several officers/squadrons and was given really nice access to talk to the pilots, CO, XO, SgtMaj, etc. Just wondering if the Army is as helpful as the Marines or if that was just Marines looking after their own? Thanks.
  2. I'd also contact the WO REC team and find out it they'll accept a previous SERE course...my gut feeling tells me that since you're going through WOCS, SERE, and flight training as one class that you won't get to skip SERE...thats my opinion though not the Army's. Let me know what you find out though, I've already done the Peacetime/Governmental Detainee portion and it would be nice to skip that.
  3. The course in Brunswick is a level "c" course. I sent many Marines from MARSOC to the course before MARSOC got approval to run our own courses.
  4. Not sure if this has been discussed on here before but here's a little background before my question...I'm applying for the Army WOFT program and spend a good bit of time in that forum. I'm also getting ready to start flight training through my local college but its fixed wing. My question is what can I expect to remain the same when I start flying helos?? I know radio comm., flight planning, etc won't be too different but what will "transfer"?? Thanks!!
  5. Ok so I've been "out" of the Marines since Sept and I let myself go. In the process I gained about 30 pounds. My recruiter did my height/weight the other day and I'm only 8-10 lbs over my max. Its not a problem to lose the weight just wondering what methods others have used to lose weight and get ready for your APFT. I started P90X last night and it seems to be a pretty good system but thats my opinion. So let me hear your thoughts and what worked/didn't work for you. Thanks!!!
  6. Ok let me ask this...are you having them use USAREC form 1936 and if so are you printing it off for them and then having them fill it out or are you having them download the software and have them fill it out that way?? I'm talking to my college advisor about this and he wants to write one for me and considering he was a LtCol in the AF and an IP I'd really like to get one from him. Thanks.
  7. Ok, little background before the question...I've served 10+ years in the Marines with the last few being Reserve with several different units. I've sent a request for LORs to my former CO's, OICs, former USMC Aviator friends, Officers my wife served with and who know me well, etc. but I'm not sitting back and waiting on them. I want to make sure I have 5-6 really outstanding LORs. I've seen others that are going street to seat applying and my question is who are you getting your LORs from. Basically I'm wanting to get 10+ letters to compare and then select the best from those to include in my package. So thats the question if you didn't have any way to get someone from the military to write your letter, who would you ask?? Thanks!!
  8. SBuzzkill is right about the recruiters. The first one I went to told me to come back when I had everything ready to submit. I drove to a different one last week and he is going out of his way to help me. Take some time and find one like that and this process won't be nearly as stressful....Thank you SFC Ament. If you're in NC and can get to High Point you might want to give this guy a call!!!
  9. Thanks for the advice. I went yesterday and started my package.
  10. I am looking for flight time but I'm more interested in making sure I'm competitive for WO. I want this to be as quick as possible and if college will help me get in then I'll wait on submitting my package and use my MC College Fund to its fullest. Also has anyone got any info on taking the color vision test??? Which ones are used and can you request a certain test? Thanks.
  11. Go to the Fort Rucker site and look for the Incoming Student tab. There is a lot of helpful info there...including a timeline sheet for the WOFT program starting with WOCS. If you need some help finding it let me know...I was looking at it just last night.
  12. I am starting my package for the WOFT program and want to make myself as competitive as possible. Right now I have completed a Part 141 ground school and instrument course but have no flight time. A local community college offers a Career Pilot program as either a two year degree or a Career Pilot Certificate that only requires 15 credit hours. Both courses are VA approved and both will get me a Private fixed wing license. The degree obviously is more in depth but I'm not looking to hang around in the area for two more years to finish it. I'm really looking more at the flight time than anything but input from others is why I'm here...so let’s hear it...what would you do??? Thanks.
  13. Just wondering....does anyone know if you are allowed to request a certain color vision test? I have taken the plates, lantern, and D-15. I'm 50/50 on the plates and no luck on the lantern test but my local doctor offered me the D-15 to get a better idea of how "bad" my color vision was and said I passed it with no errors. So my question is can I "choose" the type of color vision test I take for my flight physical or am I restricted to the plates and lantern. Thanks.
  14. OK this is my first post so please give me a little slack. I am a Reserve Marine prepping my package for WOFT and when I first enlisted (1999) I was told I was slightly color-blind. I recently took a fixed wing private ground course and instrument course and have passed both. While attending the private course we were taken to the flightline and shown the light flashes the towers use in case of radio failure. I was standing next to my instructor and told him exactly what colors were being flashed. I have since taken the lantern color test and told I failed. I have also taken several reverse color vision tests and passed those. I'm worried that I'll fail my flight phyiscal and never be able to fly. I can tell the difference in red and green lights except when taking that one test. Does anyone know what the process is for requesting an alternate color vision or if I'm pretty much stuck taking the lantern test? Thanks.
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