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  1. Well the way it was explained to me is you need to be very competitive don't get all caught up in what everybody say's you need to have the best pt,asvab and afast scores you can achieve i mean every day till your packet is complete then find yourself a cw3 or above that you can help and get to know for a personal letter of recommendation this isn't a must have but it does look like you have went well out of your way to achieve pilot they are looking for people that are very dedicated and i don't mean like a month u must breath army aviation and a quick one about the recruiters they will tell you whatever they think will make you join faster like its easier to enlist then go w/o bbbeeee! incorrect or if your hurting for money its better to enlist now we can get you pilot once your stable bbeeee! wrong again it is better to go street to seat/high school to flight school remember i said the word dedication that is one of those things you tell the recruiter its my way or nothing if you start your relationship like that and never steer away there will be no confusion just dig deep and get you a competitive packet put together and if you don't get selected try again even harder if you still don't get selected remember more people don't get the chance than do that's why its competitive i know its hard to think of yourself not good enough but maybe this isn't the right route and time or god has a different plan.
  2. Hey can anyone tell me how they score the AFAST? I just got started and cleared my ASVAB now i just picked up the Peterson's AFAST study guide it has practice test's but how do u know if it is a 90 or a 150.
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