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    The beginning

    Hi everyone, probably not a lot of people reading a random blog att VR but anyway. This is the beginning of my pilot career hopefully. I will share what I can and when I can, hopefully often and a lot. As of now I'm a student in Sweden and I'm finishing my BSc next June and hoping to get into Bristows combined JAA/FAA program that starts in September 2011. Until then I have a lot to study and even more to do to make it possible in terms of economy. I've started mailing and contacting Bristow and some other people and companies in the buisness in a hope of getting some information and start to networking in a small scale. Since networking seems to be the way to make it or at least increase the chances of succeeding. From that to something else. Right now I'm in Norway working but will travel to Lund on saturday so I can start studying for my exam at friday next week. I need to nail this one in order to keep my study results up. Right now I'm just thinking about flying helicopters and wanting to read and learn all there is to learn! I also have the big big issue at hand, money for education. I've been working all summer long and some money will be saved towards the goal. I'm going on a interview on monday for a part-time job so I can work on the side to save up some money. But I know I won't get all the money needed, about 900.000SEK or something will be needed. Therefore I have to book a meeting with my bank and other aswell to see what it takes to get loan that size. If I won't be able to get one myself I will have to turn to my parents which I doubt will help me out but I deeply hope they see that I really want this and will fight for it. It all comes down to the bank or my parents to step up and helping me. I will make it with those loans even if I have to work two jobs while waiting for the chance! That's all for now. I will keep you updated asap when something new comes up. Later
  2. Hi again guys, so I'm starting my second thread already and I hope this will come to use for all interested in the buisness and especially for us newbies. I was hoping to gather some useful links and tips for applications. Most important links for sites about helicopters, jobs and new sites. Try and look what's been posted so we don't doubble post too much. I can start off with the few sites I know as a newbie. www.jsfirm.com www.verticalreference.com (I guess this one is kind of obvious) =) Best regards and safe flying, Daniel
  3. Hi, I'm new here and I've read millions of threads and most of them are very interesting. I thank all of you, who writes and share your knowledge with us new to the buisness. This probably already have been answered but I could not find a satisfing answer therefore I ask you all to help me with info and your own experience. I wonder where I should turn if I want to rent a helicopter for a longer period like a few months or so? How does insuurance and such work for a person with only +200 hours TT? What about maintenance and fuel? I've seen many posting about having rented a helicopter and now wants someone to fly with them so I hope someone wants to share some information. Best regards and safe flying, Daniel
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