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  1. I just found the Military forum... I will give that a look through.
  2. I am in the process of applying for Warrant Officer in the Army from civilian with no prior military background. I've started my packet and have been studying for the AFAST. I've taken the advice of many posts from the forums as to my study materials and scoured the internet finding multiple sites exploding with all sorts of technical knowledge from controls to aerodynamics to the selection boards. I took the ARCO practice AFAST and scored 88 out of the 100 questions that count correctly, but I do not know how to score that into the 176 max score I keep reading about in past posts. Most of those past posts are from 2005-2007. I am looking for some current insight to WOFT and AFAST and the current demand for Army aviators. Any information will be helpful. Thank you in advance. Danial.
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