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  1. I have a Hiller 12B available for you to build time in. All you will pay for is fuel and operating costs. If you have a cpl I will pay you to fly commercial ops when they become available. Right now I am looking for a pilot to do a Cherry Drying contract for me. I will pay you a daily and hourly rate. While you are on the contract you can build your time. It is in North East Wa. Email me if you or someone you know are interested. www.larsonhelicopters.com
  2. I need a pilot to fly my Hiller 12b on a cherry contract in Northeast WA starting around June 10th. I will pay a daily and hourly rate. If you or someone you know might be interested please email me asap. info@larsonhelicopters.com
  3. If you live near The Columbia River Gorge and are a CFI in rotor-craft with at least 150 hours send me a email at info@larsonhelicopters.com with your resume.
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