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  1. Sky10 Bell-206B3 KGTV San Diego Ca. 1995-2007 Fly at Five

    © Dan Megna @Dan megna.com

  2. Not at all. You do what you can. When I started flying I bought two hours a weekend and slowly chipped away. Keep your goals small. Just plan on getting to solo. Once you do that you will be on cloud nine and inspired to see it through. Do a lot of the cheap stuff when you can't fly like get a book and study for the written test. Read as many trade magazines as you can find about it.Imerse your head into it. Before you know it, your so addicted that making it happen seems natural. At one point I was so broke that I lived in the back seat of an old ford maverick to afford training. And had no complaints! Go for it and best of luck!
  3. Oregon, Did you get the info you were looking for about ENG? Just checking...
  4. Nop Nope, no questions. Just a humble congratulations.
  5. What are you doing in college regarding the classes you're taking? Have you thought about pursuing an A&P license as a mechanic. Or if you're into electronics, work toward your FCC license Operators have a tendency to hire individuals that are in school studying subjects that are similar to what they are applying for. Start training for the industry you are interested in than apply for work in a similar field. Would much rather hire a guy in school working toward a mechanics'/Avionics license to help out in the hanger than someone in school to be an IT administrator. Just some thoughts. Best of luck to you!
  6. Good to know, Thank you Translift
  7. Heligirl and rollthbns, a goldmine of information. Thank you much. I come to the commuting game late after being spoiled with an ENG contract for 15 years and coming home every night. But the kids are now grown and the wife is hinting for space alone so it's time to venture out and see how it's really done. Thank you again for the load of info. Safe flights, Kyle
  8. Can't say I'm bored in Purgatory but if those are your only two options. Most likely you're correct. How about the South Rim, How does it work for you commuters? Thank you.
  9. Appreciate the response. Anyone have info for the Rim?
  10. I'm sure this subject has been beat on several times but I'm looking at trying to get on flying in the canyon. If I'm to late this year than perhaps next year.I'm looking at Papillion because of the 7-7. Or any one else who tolerates commuting pilots. Are you commuting by car, plane? I heard their is a possibility to jumpseat. What areas do you reside when on hitch? What do you pay for accommodations? Is there a site that you all converse through to arrange accommodations? Any other pertinent info would be most appreciated. I would be commuting from SAN. And if there is a link I can get all this info from, please let me know so that you don't have to revisit all these questions again. Thanks much in advance. Kyle
  11. One of the best feelings in a career. Congratulations. Go out and explore.
  12. Nice stuff, Hoping to see a little video of a "follow along" typical day. Digging on the opening effects!
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