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  1. I already applied for citizenship and am getting it in January (So i am told at least however usually when things are expedited you do get it on time.) My GPA for high school is way above that so i have no worries there. Though i am thinking about ROTC I would rather do the Warrant Officer path, so i am going to try that first before going ROTC. Just a heads up. Usually when you transfer you are put back a little because or PRE-REQ's and because some schools just don't accept another school's credits. I technically am a senior, but it is surprising how you can change that by suddenly changing your Major and so on. (I.e I can say i don't want to major in Physics anymore and switch to Communication which would put be back.) Ill ask the Military Sciences person to get more information though. The ROTC isn't really too big of a deal to me though. I am looking at other paths first.
  2. Ah thanks a lot! My main concern is if your previous GPA matters as far as ROTC goes, but ill ask the PMS as you said. Oh and i did get my citizenship application in today. They told me it should only take me about 3 months (perfect as i plan my first application in January). My only worry is if everyone applies during New Years as their new, "New years resolution" haha. I'll look up to see if i can gather stats for each month from this website and try to make my own little survey. Sorry for asking so much questions in advance and making myself look like a complete fool! I finally have my own little Word all you need to know sheet (now i see what you all mean about the effort).
  3. I do have a question about LOR's. Even though it is obvious that you will have to do most of the application process without a recruiter, would they be a good source for a LOR? In that i mean, would it be a good idea to let them know you are interested and constantly update them on your application status in order to show that you are more than determined to become an aviator?
  4. Yeah, i know that. I am working on my citizenship right now actually. I am returning to the U.S within the next couple of weeks (either California or Florida, that's why i asked about if it matters what state you are in.) Two of my family members already became citizens and it took them a month. It really is supposed to be a long process but you would be surprised how fast that can change when the gov't realizes you have a pretty tax dollar to pay and when you go through the right people.
  5. Yessir. That company belongs to my mom (A travel agency/ Tour operator) and i came home on a break from college so my loans don't catch up on me in this economy and also to learn some new parts of the family business. You can be a citizen resident and be out of the country, you just have to return i think for something like 2 weeks every three to six months.
  6. I am a resident. Been a resident for long enough to get my citizenship however, so that isn't a worry.
  7. Thanks a lot! On the OCS thing. Ill definably do some research. I just assumed that it was a process from going enlisted to specialty. My recruiter said something about possibly being a pilot though being a mechanic so i figured that was it. I also saw that link just was asking questions that weren't answered on it! (i think it is stickied) And also, i have no problem serving or being blown up or whatever. As serving is something i have the desire and love to do. I however think it would bite me if i ended up doing something like that when i was told that is exactly what i wouldn't be doing. One of the few army people i some what know (friend of a relative) is currently in a sticky situation where he is "lucky" enough to ride in those civilian transport trucks when he was told he would never really have to leave the base.... so who knows?
  8. Hey Guys, So I have no clue how I missed this site in my months of searching information on how to become an army aviator but all I have to say is thank god! First of all, I especially want to thank Lindsey for all the information she has put up here!(you are incredible) And of course to everyone else! Reading up on everything I do have a few questions on what route is best for me and also on some basic things. 1) Can anyone volunteer to do an abbreviations page? If there is one, maybe sticky it or something? It is the most difficult thing to try and understand all of them when you are just starting out. 2) For all these tests (i.e the AFAST and ASVAB) can someone just link the sites on Amazon or something where I can buy the study guide? When I look online I find more than ten different ones. I know you can get them online but I would rather just buy some har dcopies for some hardcore studying 3) For the MEPS and Class1A physical. Is there anything else than we should be aware of other than mainly our vision? What else do they test that may be important. Personally, I am going to have to get my vision fixed doing PRK but should that be my only worry? 4) Does a ¾ length photo mean from the knees up? 5) For LORS, what if we can’t get anything military? To be honest I have no military affiliation (U.S) and maybe it would be nice to list for people what else could be used? 6) How do you know how the board rates you? Do they give you back the score to your face? To me it seems that everyone is getting 75/75 from the board and that seems a little odd for something that claims to be ridiculously selective 7) Oh and also, these acceptance numbers, are they per state or is this nationwide? 14/34 or whatever per month really seems to fall way short of even the 150 people quota or whatever it is. (though I have seen sites list 1500 per year). Now more on my personal situation, this may end up being a little long but maybe in the long run it will help others as well. ( I will write more personally about myself later on.) My family is not one to support the military in any form. So I will make it clear that it is likely I will have to go through the cheapest of routes as they have dropped all support of me once I stated that I want to join up. WOFT – I have done some college already (though my grades weren’t great until I Transferred to Embry Riddle where I have a 4.0) and I know that the weak point to my application will be my grades. How do I explain the reasoning for my grades being so poor?( People can vouch than i am a smart son of a gun.) Do I do this in my essay or on a side note to my transcripts? I plan to counter this by studying for a period of time for those three tests (including the physical) and trying to come as close to perfecting them as possible. Will this be O.K? Also I have no money to get the PRK done on my own unless I go to some friends who offered to help. Will the army supply a cheaper rate for this or something even if I do not enlist off the bat? One thing that has not been clarified is whether or not you have to enlist for this application? As far as my LOR’s go, I can get one from the head of a hospital, the chief police commissioner of Jamaica, Maybe the Priminister of Jamaica and a pediatrician. My old boss really wants to write one for me but I think he was dishonorably discharged, so I am not too sure about that. Maybe some of you guys here could write one if I kept up on the site? Any of you in Florida? ROTC – I originally wanted to join ROTC (my junior year) especially since it would give me the money to finish up college, but have decided against it as it does not guarantee me flight time even if I become an aviator. Has anyone on this site gone through the ROTC route? If so how was it? I am also very worried about the ranking system of ROTC. Would joining my junior year automatically give me a disadvantage to members who have been there for the whole four years? OCS – This is seeming like the best option for me especially due to money however it seems like no one on here has gone that route (or at least very few of you). If I went this route I would really want to be a Helo Mechanic as I think it would be an advantage to know your helicopter inside and out even before you learnt about flying it. It seems as if the majority of people who have gone through OCS were in other parts of the military, so I am just wondering if anyone has any information on that. How long would I have to wait to apply through OCS? If I enlisted as a helicopter mechanic, how long would it be until I would be deployed if I asked for the fastest track out of here (simply because I want to be able to fly ASAP, even if it is five years from now.) I really do not want to get stuck as an enlistee as even when I went into the recruiting station the recruiter was trying to put me into all different positions apparently due to my build (it was weird as a Marine recruiter even came in and tried to talk to me about the Marines. Note that at that point i was playing D1 soccer and did five minute miles for two miles on a workout test the recruiter put me on. ) I am just really afraid of putting myself in a situation that will not get me to helicopters. Maybe you guys can even recommend other military positions. To me it doesn’t matter as long as it would get me to being a pilot and doesn’t involve constant patrols. I have such a desire to serve for the U.S and take down some terrorists but the only thing that scares the Jesus out of me is the thought of being dismembered or burnt by an I.E.D and not dying (basically, I would like to minimize my chances). I have no problem shooting anyone but another problem I hear about is about soldiers who go and get shot at and never ever see who is shooting at them. For some reason I think that would just plain piss me off, so again I would rather not put myself in that position. Again, thank you so much to whomever answers! If you want to get to know more about me or my situation, simply ask!
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