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  1. It's really not that terribly bad. Staff and equipment are being paid for no matter what. All you are paying is a flight hour rate and fuel. Also most hospital run programs utilizing a big corp lease like air methods get so many hours of free pr time so all they are paying for is fuel.
  2. I wasn't pointing a finger at you pig. In earlier posts others have balked at the idea of UAVs impacting our industry. All in all I just thought the videos were very cool and the thought of a swarm of UAVs gave me the chills.
  3. Take LE out of it. How about ENG, power line, ag. Someone smarter than me, when the FAA finally rules on it, will be starting a company with centralized operators flying UAVs throughout the country. ENG ships will no longer each need an operator. Instead you will have one pilot able to fly 4 aircraft that are small enough to fit in the stations garage. Power line and pipeline patrol companies utilizing a centralized operator location which will just send real time video to the power line company right in the comfort of the guys office or home. Farm co-ops will be able to purchase and operate their own small spraying helicopter. In less then 50 years we went from sending a man to the moon to having many thousands of times the computing power in the palms of our hand that can communicate with people anywhere in the world for $99. Not believing that UAVs are going to be a huge impact on our industry in the next 20 years is very short sighted I believe.
  4. Meant to post this a while ago for those who don't think UAVs will be a force to reckon with in our life time.
  5. Think it would be funny if you made a 500 long lining your nipple.
  6. I think he only charges $200 dollars an hour for the first 5 hours but that's after you take his 100 hour simulator transition course in a Flyit for $800/hr.
  7. Unfortunately he's a pilot so it's a very small house.
  8. It's already been left to the test pilots...
  9. I say we all just take the suggestion in the article and submit for a waiver every time we operate in the hv curve. After the FAA gets flooded with 3000 requests a day maybe they will change their minds.
  10. I heard avbug called eagle5's mom fat and stupid. Ahhhhhhhhh snap!!!!!!
  11. Let's just get out the yard stick and finish this once and for all.
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