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  1. Corporate owned, multiple pilots. In this case, the pilot flying the helo is going to have some explaining to do.
  2. N23MB stolen Author: Clearflight aviation Date: 12/10/2013 6:06:07 PM +0/-0 N623MB a Matte black 1986 MBB105 was stolen from its hangar in Palm springs. The individual reported to have stolen the aircraft is a Foreign national named Marcel Golemme, and he may be trying to get the aircraft across the border into Canada. If anyone sees this aircraft please contact the authorities immediately. FBI, Homeland security, SoCal FSDO's, and local law enforcement are already on the case. NO, this is not a REPO, Clearflight aviation owns the helicopter. Asking all Pilots to keep and eye out for a black BO105, if you see it, report it to authorities immediately.
  3. https://vimeo.com/71110982
  4. Glad your son enjoyed. I will link up some of the other days videos shortly, one is cockpit vid that's not as clear as the outside camera, but flown up under the smoke and into the fire area while drops were occurring elsewhere on the Mtn.
  5. Last Flight. Fire Recon. Everything looks good. http://vimeo.com/70989765
  6. Laughing at this now: Dont be jealous. Black Helo + 40 celsius + black HGH56P & Nomex flight suit = URRRFFFFFFFFF Standing-by between flights. on a piece of Tarmac near one of the dip sites. laying on the ground under the Helo.
  7. Fire looks to be mostly contained. The rains over the last 2 days really helped. Everything south of the Tram and East of the ridge line is not longer burning or even smoking. very relieved. Unable to comment on our role "currently". Let's call it: "Fire Recon" for now. Sincerely hope that whatever is ailing your kids is overcome swiftly. Water as Cahuilla Dip was dumped yesterday, and the retardant was hauled out around 11am. during Flights today I saw that all the "H" sites were vacant. I have to assume this is a good sign.
  8. http://www.mydesert.com/section/NEWS0803/Fires Palm Springs / Idlywild / San Jacinto Mountains
  9. Man, the chip on No defensiveness here. Clearly I like what I own, hence choosing a 105. I'm happy for you, and every pilot who flies for a paycheck, but you're going to try and shame me because I've been successful enough in my life to not need to fly for a paycheck any more? Wow.......
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