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  1. The Arco book is great. jmarce22, I received your PM but I can not respond to it for some reason. If you are interested the Arco 6th Edition Mastering the Military Flight Aptitude Tests book PM me your phone number and I can call you. I do not need it any longer and am willing to give it to you.
  2. Mike, I have some questions I can't seem to get answered by my recruiter. A little background on my situation. I am a civilian applying for the Army WOFT program. I boarded in april and may 2010, qualified non select. We are fast approaching my next board, I am eligible for the December board. I have some specific questions about updating my packet. Can you please help me with these? -Flight Physical taken 10/09. How long is this good for? -Letter of Recommendations dated 10/09. Do these need to be updated? -"Why I Want To Be an Army Aviator" essay dated 10/09. Do I need to re write
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