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  1. Not sure if anyone here happens to know any of the members of DPD's Air One down here in Texas but I thought I would let y'all know that they suffered a bird strike tonight. Thankfully the pilot is reported to have only suffered minor injuries and is in good spirits. That being said, I'm sure the crew would appreciate any prayers or well wishes you might like to send their way. Initial reports and what I have gathered on my own suggest that the crew was on station for a boater in distress as a part of the joint response with DFD at Lake Ray Hubbard. The bird, said to be an "American Coot" entered the pilot's windscreen at which point the co-pilot located a sutiable LZ and put them down at which point the pilot received medical attention. They are making repairs in place and will then fly Air One back home to swap the windscreen. Here are a few images from on scene. Credit to: Maj. Max Geron @MaxDPD on Twitter
  2. Happened upon a MD369FF flying powerline maintenance crews here is Dallas the other day and was able to use the scenic overlook to grab some pics. I was wondering if anybody here happened to have a idea who the pilot was, I would like to share my photos if I could locate them
  3. I'm a 20 year old aviation buff with a Fire-Rescue background so no, I'm not. I know of LASO and MDFR becuase I have seen their ops publisized, Here in texas there isn't much hoist work and I haven't had a reason to go looking for who does hoists. I also intended that as those who do it on a regular basis and train properly, not an all inclusive list by any means. Never intended this to digress the whole thread.
  4. Matt, you bring up a really interesting point, the majority of the time I have heard or seen hoist resuces implemented it was to expedite the removal but without a level of injury which might justify the expedited nature. What public agencies are there that do hoist rescues? LASO and Miami-Dade FR are the only public agencies that work in hoist out situations that I have ever known of.
  5. This has gotten me thinking since we have an almost 100% private helo fleet in the area of emergency response down here in Texas. Is the flight risk assesment something that really is only lacking in the public side right now or are the contractors such as those we use around here of the same mindset, rushing into situations where full consideration of loss vs. reward isn't made prior to launch. I know the mindeset of alot of the guys flying EMS privately around here lines up with the aviators behind the badge as well so is the difference in how private companies are training their pilots or are they really in the same boat and this investigation just isn't of a wide enough scope to include them? Just food for thought. I should also note that the majority of our EMS flight launches, even in poor weather, require somewhat less involved flying than the SAR type missions mentioned in the report.
  6. I will defenitly get in contact with EPIC, I have seen their website and thought I should drop them a line. Do you have any contact info for Ryan at Flight Flix? I can only find the general info email on the website.
  7. Just got an alert from AirLive.net that a helicopter and small fixed wing aircraft have collided just outside of Frederick Municipal Airport in Frederick, Md. Reports are indicating 3 fatalities at this time. Looks like it was an Cirrus and a R44 invovled. Found this interesting since the airport got a tower back in 2012 and this was well within their airspace. (All info sourced from AirLive.net and NBCWashington) http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Aircraft-Collision-Frederick-Helicopter-Plane-Thursday-280228122.html
  8. Our local ENG contracts are all with SKY except WFAA who has their own AS350. Do the contract companies normally provide shooters or is that the responsiblilty of the stations? I'm not as well versed as I woudl like to be when it comes to the ENG side of things.
  9. Well it has been a long time since I last wrote a post here on VR, school has pretty much taken over my life but I want to try and start getting back into rotary wing, still hoping to get my PPL after this. Anyway, I am currently majoring in film and I just attended a meeting about interships for our majors. What I found at this meeting is that everyone goes to the same couple of places but the department will pretty much let us go anywhere we can get approval from, so with that being said I really would like to find a helo-cinema company that I could possibly intern with. Finding guys around here in DFW is a little difficult so I thought I would appeal to the same place where I started with my inrest in rotary wing. Anyone who has suggestions or ideas I would be very greateful to hear from. Thanks ya'll
  10. That would make sense, although I would have expected some style of the orange testing probes like you would see on an experimental craft, I did not see a tail number on the helo, however I have been able to distinguish them an many others at a similar altitude.
  11. Being the season of football in Texas, I have spent many a afternoon on the sweltering practice field of my school, and recently I had an odd aviation sighting. While we were out one afternoon I noted a helicopter flying over, not anything out of the ordinary except for the fact that the craft was travelling West to East (most air traffic is East to West bound to Love Field). I looked up and took note of what I figured was a Eurocopter EC130, nothing to special within itself, however about thirty minutes later the same helo passed over in the opposite direction, travelling much slower and lower than before. On the second pass I still made out the size and shape of a EC130, but there was NO landing skids! I'm not sure if there might be something I could be confusing this sighting for, but it was defiantly too small to be any of the Eurocopter models with retractable gear, but I know there were panels that corresponded with tricycle style landing gear. Just thought I would share this sighting given its odd nature and our proximity to EC-America's Grand Prairie Plant. I attached a map of our distance to the Grand Prairie Plant ( point A ) and our football field ( point B ) it is about 25 miles as the crow flies.
  12. The pilot entrance/exit setup seems interesting, but I have to agree with Goldy I noticed the same thing seeing them all together at HAI this year. Definitely can't wait to see this ship flying
  13. WOW! I am finally getting a chance to post since visiting the Expo on Sunday, and it was amazing. It was great to get to finally meet Dennis an Goldy, put some names and faces together. I think I finally realized how much I love this industry and really need to get into the flying side of things, I can only learn so much on the ground. I am working on getting all 2.5 hours of film into something enjoyable for everyone, then I will post some links to my youtube.
  14. bad news, heard the Sky Crane won't be making her appearance this year, the largest door that they can reach from the helipad is still too short for the massive tail rotor.
  15. I'm posting from my mobile so I cant upload my vids and pics but I got part of yesterday and I'll be there today as well if you see a younger guy in a red "saints" hoodie holler at me
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