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  1. Full, all cowlings open preflight. Everytime. Only exception is if a call comes in at shift change and the pilot I am relieving starts the helicopter for me while I'm on my way to base. Then I'll full preflight at the requesting hospital while the nurses package.
  2. Take-off: Spinning bit works. This lever moves. Accomplish take off. Landing: Still alive, best not push our luck any further. Accomplish landing.
  3. I only have 4 hours in a jetbuggy but 2,000hrs in 58s. There is definitely a 5 minute limit on power over 85% tq in the 58. Not sure why it would be any different in the jetbuggy.
  4. Back to basics on this one. No pilot may land on private property without prior permission. I am unaware of any part of 135 to include the 135 Subpart L (the 600's) that allows a pilot to deviate from this. I am aware that local and state laws may allow local emergency services to use private property in an emergency situation, but I don't think the FAA makes any concessions for the pilot.
  5. 1) Avoid boatpix at all costs. Their reputation is in the toilet for good reason. They're literally the laughing stock of the entire industry. 2) You can do your training as quickly or as slowly as you like. Just make sure you coordinate with your school and instructor your plans. I did my commercial in 6 weeks and then a few years later I went back and did my instrument rating in about 3 weeks. When I was doing my commercial I would typically hang out at the flight school most of the day and take the helicopter out when another student didn't have it scheduled. So I'd go out in the
  6. This is the dumbest thing I've ever read
  7. Manned ag isn't going anywhere. There is at least one more generation of ag pilots left. The way to an ag seat is already what you described. Get on a ground crew and plug away until you land in a seat.
  8. Sure, be born into it. Its the family business for me.
  9. lol. No. When you can get an air tractor sized UAV that can spray for less than a million bucks and has a near zero operating cost its time to start worrying about manned aerial application jobs. I'd wager we have one generation of manned ag pilots left.
  10. Crop dusting is not a job a drone can do effectively and we won't have to worry about that for quite some time.
  11. Looking for a pair of serviceable OH-58 wheels. If you have any or know where I can find some, please PM me.
  12. Unless your'e running a fertilizer, water is the carrier. Water is 8.3lbs per gallon.
  13. My father flew for Papillion for about 10 years. 5 years in Hawaii, 5ish years in the Canyon. After a couple of years as simply a tour pilot, he moved to a line pilot and flew a lot of utility work. Long line, siesmic, film, etc for Papillion. He was the ACP before he left. He said he would fly tours to give guys piss/lunch breaks but most of the time he was frying bigger fish. He racked up a ton of time. He started an ag business when he left and then took an EMS job shortly afterwards to keep him busy the rest of the year. No issues getting on as an EMS pilot.
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