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  1. 3250 a month first season. 3750 second.
  2. Just curious what your story is for breaking into the utility side, or more specifically, the fire side. Just curious of other peoples experiences. Maybe it will help someone else out along the line!
  3. Oops, fixed my typo, thanks for pointing that out.
  4. Sorry to revive an old topic, but I am still in search of anybody who has worked the utility/charter side of this company. Just trying to learn a bit more about them before I start making calls and dropping off resumes to the chief! Thanks guys.
  5. No, not asking about the HEMS spot, I don't want to do HEMS just yet, I would like to fly a bit more than that still. I was more interested in their utility side of things. When you say Indian contracts do you mean contracts out on the Rez? What type of contracts? Any info at all to their helicopter operations other than instruction would be greatly appreciated. As far as opinions on the internet, why are you a member of a forum that has ONLY opinions in it? I don't see the harm in asking around about a company that I may be interested in. If someone was interested in a company that I h
  6. Hey all, Curious if anyone has any first hand experience with Air West in Glendale, AZ. It is a company that I have heard mixed things about as far as pay, contracts etc. etc. Right now I am just curious because I am trying to make plans for where I might want to go at the end of this tour season if I decide not to do more. I'm curious about the contract and charter side of Air West and not really the instruction side. Just general information on how the company is to work for, or what you have heard is fine. If you don't want to post it publicly, I can understand, PM me your thoughts a
  7. No. It is and always has been the guy or girl who calls your prospective employer and recommends you. I would like to see ANYONE out there that says 50 hours turbine with your mighty 200-300 hours is the defining factor on being hired. Or, I would like to hear operators like Ditch tours or TEMSCO say that 50 hours puts you at the top of the list. It is a waste of money period, even if its not yours. To those choosing to do turbine w/ GI money. Keep in mind that they are cutting the armed forced by almost 20%, there is a huge spending problem, and you getting your rocks off in a
  8. It's a difficult industry to break into sometimes, but its worth it. Just feel them out and unless you're desperate for time, i wouldn't pay for it.
  9. Thanks for all the input guys. I think Logbook Pro might just be worth dropping the cash. As much as I wanted to be cheap, I guess if I'm gonna do this work to make the entries, I might as well dole out the cash for a good program.
  10. Yea, don't get me wrong, nothing replaces the paperbacks. I am just looking to start it early for the same reasons you listed. I have downloaded it and got the 50 free entries put in. I do like the program, I am just wondering if I lose my computer, do I lose all this work too unless I pay for the cloud backup? Thanks for the info, it looks like I'll be going with this one. I haven't been able to find an option to sort by tail number though.
  11. What is the deal with logbook pro? It seems like it is subscription based, and it is awfully pricey. How easy is it to log each flight? I would have to backdate roughly 600 flights. Finally, where is the information stored or backed up?
  12. So basically I have been searching for a cheap, or free, electronic logbook. I would prefer something on excell, I have seen the cheappilot.com and I like the features on it a lot. however, it seems as the website has gone down and the one I got a while ago keeps saying something about macros not working. I'm not great with excell so I don't know what that means or how to fix it. Anyway, I have misplaced that spreadsheet since then, so it's all irrelevant anyway. Does anyone have something they could send me or point me in the right direction? Things I am looking for: 1) Obviosly th
  13. It was a cool day trip for sure. They shipped a few of us instructors up as well
  14. Probably a quote that every aspiring pilot needs to look at. The deception is that Helo pilots make bank, not so much in terms of actual $$$ in your wallet. Hell, ask ANY CFI on the planet what they make, haha.
  15. Speaking from during my training only. Scottsdale Phx Sky harbor Deer Valley Mesa Gateway Glendale Falcon Field Sedona Seligman Parker Lake Havasu Williams Flagstaff Bahdad Vegas Cottonwood Wickenburg Grand Canyon (Home of Papillon and Maverick) Valley Airport I am sure I am missing one or two, but those are the ones I can think of. I have been to a few more since I got hired but those are the training ones I can think of. You really start hitting different airports in commercial. Just kind of a "hey, lets go here today" type thing. Private is pretty strict, guidance isn't trying to ta
  16. I don't see it being an issue is you are 200-205. I did all my training while I was around 210 and I sit around 200 right now. I don't think he was steering you wrong. The thing is, when you are 205 lbs, come checkride time, just drop 5 lbs for a week. Thats what I kept doing. But with the R44 program here that is booming not every single instructor needs to be 185 lbs. I am certainly not, and still instructing. Hell, I probably haven't been 185 since high school. Don't take it too seriously. You're in the same boat I was, if not a better one, and everything worked out good for me.
  17. This is the key to the 200 lb weight restriction here. Safety plays a huge factor, its just flat out not SAFE to be flying at 8k+ DA with >400lbs in the front of a 22, and I will debate that with anyone who thinks otherwise. Safety is always number one. I am a CFI at GHI and as someone who went through the entire program right at the 200 lb mark with instructors who were a buck 50/60 soaking wet. Flying the R22 @ 8k DA is not that fun trying to do confined areas during the summer. I learned a lot, but I wouldn't want 400, let alone 480 lbs in the front of that thing in the summer arou
  18. The big thing you need to keep in mind about a school like this is that you are really limiting yourself after you are all done. When 80% of flight schools use R22's and R44's to instruct in, you are quite literally shooting yourself in the leg if you don't get hired by the school that did your instrcution in the 300. Without that time in the Robinson, you can't instruct in them, which is basically saying you can't work at 80% of flight schools in the nation. I would be very very careful about doing all of your training in the 300. Just my two cents.
  19. Tons of really great information here. Thanks a ton guys! I'll be searching for some NG groups in AZ and see if I can't find out some more info about the process and such.
  20. What does an SMS even include? I am unclear on what makes any normal safety system that a company uses an SMS. Anyone able to provide any info on this for me?
  21. My advice to you would be to physically VISIT each school and take a tour. It might cost a pretty penny, but it will be 100% worth it if you are dedicating the next couple years to that place, and hopefully more for a job. Talk to some of the current students, ask them what they like and what they don't like so much. See what the instructors are like, are they stuck up or laid back? Another big one for me was the maintenance facilities, take a look at how they control that. If you go to a place like PHI, it is said you can eat off the floors in their hangers.
  22. That is awesome. Thanks for filling us in!
  23. Long lining bambi buckets fighting fires for this guy.
  24. I went to GA on the GI Bill. Absolutely loved the program and the people. Also a pretty big fan of the area, lots of stuff to do (whiskey row for starters!). I can go into some details about the pro's and con's if you like, but I will do it in a PM, let me know if you want some more info.
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