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  1. When you get orders to Korea, I thought you got to pick whether it was accompanied or unaccompanied.
  2. I kind of already know the answer, but was curious if anyone has heard of anyone making the switch. I always hear the NG guys trying to switch to AD while they are here, not sure if it ever works out for them, but have never heard of anyone doing the reverse.
  3. First, get as many people as possible to review it. I had 4-5 different people read mine, mostly CPTs and 1LTs when I was a SPC. It sort of helped homogenize my essay abit, rather then being "all in" on one aspect of why I want to be an aviator, having all the different opinions on how I should write ensured that I had an essay that would appeal to a lot of people. As far as the essay goes, get rid of that name header and "IERW Attendance Reason", they know why your writing the essay. The first paragraph needs to be completely rewritten. You have a really great reason of why you want to be a pilot, but it seems to me like you were trying to use to many fancy words to explain it. It really doesn't need to be more than 4-6 sentences in total. Plus, I would start the essay with something to the effect of "Sitting on the rooftop of my house". The readers don't need to be filled on Hurricane Katrina, everyone knows when and where it hit, and how devastating it was. I'd also loose all that highschool stuff and all the things "you did". I think what made my essay stand out was rather than write about what I've done, I wrote about what I'm going to do as an aviator in the Army. The only thing I wrote about that was in the past was how I was an platoon RTO and in charge of radio comms when I basically had to manage 3 nets once; the PLT, Company and BN net, because the other RTOs sucked. I used this to show how I can think under pressure and don't shy away from responsibility.I'll see if I can dig up my essay for you to look at....
  4. Yeah I knew that, thats why I was saying the OP should be able to wear his wings even if he's no longer on flight status.
  5. Why wouldn't you be able to, I was in an Airborne unit, no longer and never will be on jump status again, doesn't mean I still don't get to wear the wings.
  6. Yeah, I wan't trying to come off as a jerk or anything, and now that I'm actually in flight school, doesn't make me any more qualified to "judge applicants" but my point with that comment was rather than focusing on what other people are doing to get in, maybe focus on your own variables that didn't get you in. I am also generalizing here, but I've noticed that most of the NCO's that I know personally and even on here who didn't get accepted generally compile their packets about "all the things they've done" and I've noticed some of us lower enlisted who get accepted tend to orient that packet towards "all the things we will do" for the Army. Just my .02 cents
  7. Have you already been accepted or, submitting for the July board.
  8. I got picked up with 3 years of service and as a SPC, whats your point?
  9. I'm going to have to disagree, there are usually three things that take precedence over deployment orders. DS school, OCS orders, and WOCS orders. Two of my friends didn't deploy with their unit specifically because they had WOCS. They actually spent more time on read D, like 4-5 months, than the did with their unit when it was back at garrison after they got their orders. Every unit is always going to feed you this crap line " We need you, we can't afford to lose you". Then I would say if that's the case, why I am not promoted yet?
  10. I tend to think its not what you know, but who you know. I'd say a LOR from someone important would carry more weight than a personal friend type deal, up to including pastors. 3 out of the 6 LORs for me were from people who didn't really "know" me. They were my BC, Company Commander (I was in an HHC, saw this guy once a week in the hallway), the CW4 who wrote my main LOR. The other three were from a friend(03 in the Navy), the CPT in charge of my section. and my former flight instructor (retire Navy O-5) So, my experience tends to lead me to say maybe a mix of both.
  11. Dang, I saw a lot of smiling people today, with a selection like that, now I know why.
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