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  1. Thanks for the info, I will run it by the local DPE. I think 10 is more like it as i've been sole controls 99% of the time save for some excellent guidance by my CFI. I must say I like that little R22, she skoots along real nice.
  2. I got my private in a 300CBI and am now in the process of learning to fly the R22. I am a bit confused about logging time. Book says that I cannot log PIC in the R22 until I have 50 hours or already have 200 hours of helicopter time? If this is correct, i am going to spend a lot of money before i can start logging PIC thus dragging out my commercial ticket. I would have stayed with 300CBI but non in the area. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks, John
  3. On the relax theme, I noticed on the "Autorotation in the R-22" DVD that the former Chief Robinson test pilot that does all the f lying has this habit of relaxing his grip on the cyclic. It looks like a tic before each maneuver he is about to execute. Check it out if you have the video, it's a nice habit I've been building as well and you will be amazed how many times I've had a death grip during an approach that was going to crap and then once I relaxed my grip, it improved. Hang in there , spend a bit more money and one day you will forget those early concerns and be worried about nailing 180 autos and slope landings...
  4. I have the opposite problem, I have the name but no dog yet... I would go with Lamont, as in Sanford & Son's TV show's Lamont Sanford.. That way, when the dog screws up, you can give it a Red Foxx, "Lamont, you dummy, I can't believe you... (insert dumb action here)"
  5. Not a helicopter but amazing how much depends on that little tube... The U.K. AAIB released the final report of their investigation into a serious incident which occurred at Accra, Ghana in January 2009. A Boeing 757 had a blocked pitot tube. On takeoff the pilot noticed a discrepancy in the airspeed indications. He decided to continue the takeoff and deal with the problem whilst airborne. While climbing the crew attempted to isolate the left Air Data Computer from the Autopilot and Flight Director System. Passing FL316, the VNAV mode became active and the Flight Management Computer’s (FMCs), which use the left ADC as their input of aircraft speed, sensed an overspeed condition and provided a pitch-up command to slow the aircraft. The co-pilot was concerned about the aircraft’s behaviour and, after several verbal prompts to the commander, pushed the control column forward. The commander, uncertain as to what was failing, believed that a stick-pusher had activated. He disengaged the automatics and lowered the aircraft’s nose, then handed over control to the co-pilot. A MAYDAY was declared and the aircraft returned to Accra. The operator’s subsequent engineering investigation discovered the remains of a beetle-like creature in the left pitot system. (AAIB)
  6. This site has a story about flying for the FBI and how to go about getting hired.... http://www.policehelicopterpilot.com/
  7. After a crappy flight today where I just about screwed everything up from basic touchdowns to slopes etc., I thought I would review my log book and see just how humbling 1.2 hours of a crappy flight can make me feel regardless of the hours. Druing this review I noted that for my private check ride, it was marked as solo by the examiner but no PIC - before i get out the white-out i want to make sure that there should be a PIC amount next to that solo number... Thanks
  8. My CFI found a nice vertical crack about four inches long on a drive belt on the R22 I was about to fly in...close call. I missed it on my preflight... Belts had only 50 hours on them. Thank God for good CFIs.
  9. What you explained is a tool I use just about every day for problem solving. It's known as Occam's razor or "theory." "This rule is interpreted to mean that the simplest of two or more competing theories is preferable and that an explanation for unknown phenomena should first be attempted in terms of what is already known. "
  10. I trained here for most of my private. Good instructors with lots of hours in my case. Never had an issue with any of the birds. They seem to have a lot of helicopters and most work in a dry river wash for training thus I would assume higher risk than patterns at a non towered airport with a two bird school only simulating HP take offs and confined area ops vice actually landing in a stand of trees and working out of Van Nuys which is littered with helicopter and private plane traffic. Great school and unfortunately, accidents happen at great schools and crapy schools. I flew by and looked at the accident site once where the student died and man, the wire and even the pole was so well hidden it could have happened to the highest time pilot on this forum.
  11. The Animation: http://www.ntsb.gov/Speeches/hersman/daph0...Description.htm
  12. I wish you good luck but I would do the math and figure out if someone with zero assets and minimal income should be looking to get into 50k of debt. (btw, what caused current financial crisis in the US ) There are many loan caluclators on the internet that can help you make the determination if working as a CFI can pay off the bills. Just because you can get a loan does not mean that you should. Not being Debbie Downer here, just trying to give you something to think about. I know the addiction well and how it makes it possible to rationalize any decision.
  13. Not sure if you've seen this but I just found the footage from onboard this auto. Raw Helicopter Footage: http://www.wfaa.com/video/wfaageneral-index.html?nvid=162777 Helicopter Pilot Explanation of an autorotation: http://www.wfaa.com/video/index.html?nvid=162772
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