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  1. Hi guys. I'm very sorry to hear of the SSH collaspe. As a seasoned pilot, we've been waiting for this to happen for awhile, it was just a matter of time. My heart goes goes out to you guys. Don't give up your dream. I started flying 17 years ago, with the same dreams of flying for a living, and it can be done. I went through the same process as you guys, but I didn't give up. For you guys that live in the Sacramento area, I fly Bell 47s (real helicopters), and I would be willing to help some of you out with flight time. There is a guy out of RIU, that has a flight school that can help. I'm not soliciting, and have no affilation with him, but this guy has helped plenty of students out, with housing, and even got them jobs to help off set the cost of flying. This schooll doesn't hassle you with the SFAR 73 (although you need it with R22s), and I've seen him help studets with flight time (frost control, etc.). From there, you can go into fixed wing commercial, CFI, A & P. Google "Gunner Aviation". In the helicopter community, we try to take care of our pilots. We work hard, and with hard work, you can pursue your dream of flying. Good luck to you guys, and don't give up!
  2. I've flown with HAI. They are one of the best. Part 61 or 91, it doesn't matter, as long as you have the rating. I had no problem with schedualing, but I didn't care for the flight restrictions (noise abatement), but it is real flying conditions. They have a top notch maitenance facility, and Chuck is a very knowledgable CFI himself, who likes to check on the students, with good advice. Having them on your resume would be a good advantage for a CFI job. I live a little over an hour away too, but my job pays better then helicopter pilots make, and I can't make a commitment for the time, as I have to travel, so I decided to stick with it. As far as "Nice Air", in San Jose, I know a guy that attended there a few years back, but I don't remember what he had to say about them, except there we're no helicopter opperations allowed there, so you had to fly to South County, that can add up. Good luck with your training.
  3. Are there any flight schools that train in Enstroms in northern California? I like to get as many different ships on my list to fly. ::rotorhead::
  4. Anybody know where Brett Hendrick is? The last I heard from him, he was flying for Rogers Helicopters, out of Fresno, CA. ::rotorhead::
  5. This is a good subject to touch base on. As a 14 year pilot myself, I've been a slave to renting helicopters to fly. R22s, 300s, 47s, they're all good ships to fly, but the problem with me lies in the owner/operators that own them, they go out of buisness. I already made the decision to stick with my day job, and I am thinking of buying an expirimental ship. I did fly with a CFI that had a Rotoway, and he told me it was a great ship to own. 8 gallons of auto fuel an hour, and low maitainence to boot.
  6. TTF, Siver State won't talk with you unless you started with them, bad buisness! The owner Jerry, himself emailed me, and asked if I really did talk with his staff, and I told him about it, but he never did follow up on anything. I'm sure Silver State is good enough to train new pilots, as long as bring along $50,000 up front, and have 2 years to comeplete your training. There are alot of good schools out there that would be more then happy to train you. Good luck. ::rotorhead::
  7. I'm currently flying a Bell 47 D1, with lots of G2 time under my belt. I got my rating in an R22, and moved on to the G2, 300c, Sokorsky S55 turbine, but I have always liked the 47 the best. I have a chance to go into a partnership for a very good price, and lease it back. It's a lowtime "C" model, that's IFR rated, so we can teach IFR in it. I like the Bell, but parts a getting scarce. Thanks for the comments. ::rotorhead::
  8. Anybody out there have any Hiller expierance? Looking to find someone with time in a C model, for advice. ::rotorhead::
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