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  1. Go with the battery MINDer, we use it on our r44. Works great and I've had no problems with it.
  2. I just finished mine through kings in December and it's worth the money.
  3. Sorry just talked to dennis a couple days ago heli is down for overhaul.
  4. @JCM5- I slowly got about 20 hrs and then changed schools and finished my private with the school I'm at now. I went full time when I switched schools and that has been 9 months to CFI from there. Since 0 time it's been a year and a half.
  5. I'm finally a CFI after 9 months of training just gotta get my ii knocked out
  6. I used mine mostly when i was getting my IFR rating. Perfect for checking you approach plates. I also got one of those finger lights for free when i bought my lip light and like them both.
  7. I have one and love it. Perfect for reading charts at night.
  8. I don't think the high DA's have anything to do with logging mountain time. I fly in foothills in Idaho and log everything as mountain time. Then log anything over 3000 DA separately.
  9. I bet there were AF PJ's on that mission, they frequently go on missions with the seals and delta. Especially on a mission of that nature.
  10. Well i will most likely be moving back that way in a couple months after I finish my cfi/i. I'll have to swing in when I'm back in town.
  11. Will do I actually took my first flight in a Robi there, now I'm working on my commercial
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