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  1. Which is truthfully the case its just been so long struggling that it seems as if ill never have the opportunity to go back. Very good point on that though, thank you! Anything else you folks see for suggestions? Wording/ flow of the letter? Does it seem to stick to the overall topic without going too off course to you?
  2. Thanks! Anyone else feel free to as well! The first page is basically a rough draft of my ideas of what to type... WAY to long to make a single page written copy though. Hence, page two was edited and chopped down quite a lot.
  3. Hey all new to the forums here! I'm in the process of applying for the civilian warrant officer flight training program. Currently I'm looking to get some insight on my "why i want to do this" letter. My credentials: 250 hour instrument rated private pilot 92 ASVAB / 64 SIFT scores Link to google doc file - https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B76TnnvUkTHSU0tuNjZ6cGVjRzQ/edit?usp=sharing PS. I'm also working on my LORs which is a painfully slow process. Is there a specific format for these? Also, Must they be addressed to anyone specific? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey Graphite - Good luck man! Just took my SIFT yesterday at 7AM. I was the very first person to take the SIFT at my MEPS building. That being said, let us know what you score! I'm curious to see what average scores peole are getting... it's kinda hard to get a feel for it when the range goes from 20 to 80 lol. I got a 64 on mine... I figure that puts me in the lower range of the top 25%. Doesn't sound too bad when you think of it that way.
  5. Hello all! Newbie to the forums here, let me first give you some background story about myself: I've been flying since 2004, I have 250 hours of flight time and am just about to get my fixed wing commercial certificate. I'm Instrument rated, complex, and high performance endorsed (the latter two are with commercial, so not -quite- yet lol) However, I recently found I can get a rotorcraft add-on for about 35-50 hours of flight time. I think I may have found a school that has 200/hr solo and 230/hr dual instruction in an R22. Which is REALLY cheap as the school I first looked into helicopter flight a few years ago had an R22 for 275/hr solo 305/hr dual! ------ Thus leads into my question: Flying the R22, I see the FAA requires 200 hours of flight time in the bird in order to become a CFI in it. I really don't want to be a CFI, but given the choice between being a CFI for fixed wing or helicopters I really have more of a passion for teaching others how to fly choppers! What -is- there out there for potential helicopter jobs? My *BIGGEST* concern right now are some short term, (fresh out of the add-on rating) entry level jobs. Entry Level Ideas: Tour Flights Photo Flights Pipeline Inspection Long Term Ideas: Flight Instruction Civilian/Military EMS Long Lining Police Helicopter What ideas do you folks have for potential career ideas? (Please focus mostly on the entry level jobs as that's what I'm going to be facing the biggest bottleneck on!)
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