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  1. Unfortunately I'm not able to make it this year but I was wondering if any of the presentations or guest speakers are going to be recorded for online viewing? I know there will be tons of valuable information shared over the next few days including the FAASTeam Safety Seminar which could be helpful too all. Just curious because I would be interested in watching any available. Thanks guys
  2. Awesome Stan, glad to see your machine is getting the attention it deserves!
  3. How close to Sarasota? Are you going to be living there or just in the central Florida area? What kind of ship do you want to fly? I'm partial to Kissimmee Helicopters which is just south of Orlando but there are a bunch of good schools in the area.
  4. Just wondering if anyone else is in Torrance right now for the course? If anyone local is interested in getting together sometime this week I'll be around enjoying the area. The area has been great so far minus the rain that we are having at the moment. I went flying with Simon yesterday at Advanced Flight and that was a wonderful experience. I just wish I was around more often to do training with him. Wonderful instructor.
  5. I'm a fixed wing guy and I switched over to Helicopters for the same reasons listed above. Fixed wing cross country is easier than driving a car.
  6. So did everyone cut the throttle on their own checkride? I always learned them with my instructor cutting it and during the checkride the examiner did it too. I don't even imagine there being a little surprise if you do it yourself.
  7. I'm just glad that it's black and white... By the way, this would have been much more enjoyable if I overheard it while I was out flying. Thanks for the insight.
  8. I wish I could help, but I did the same project last year and used the regular training helicopters out there (300, 22, 44) since the numbers were easier to come across and were more likely for me to be able to use for a real business proposal since I wouldn't be able to afford to operate a S-76 for any kind of operation at the moment. I do admire your ability to dream like I do and calculate very large numbers though. It was the most useful paper I have written at UVU.
  9. For a Helicycle and PPL I was quoted $3,500a year for insurance, including $75,000 hull. That was with all time being in a R44. If you charge a competitive price for a 44 and keep it flying a lot, after even one overhaul you can make a good bit of money, and get your flight time very cheap. Not every body has that upfront money unfortunately to make the purchase or pocket cash for a $50,000 deductible just in case something does happen.
  10. Hourly TO FLY the helicopter, $200 per hour is reasonable, maybe a little less. Like butters said, that does not include the cost of the helicopter. That must be broken down, hourly, monthly, yearly; depending on how much you fly the aircraft. At a total of $625,000 to date/, 1100 hours, $568 per hour thus far. Even with a timed out machine @2200 hours. With the same you have in total cost to date, $625,000/ 2200 Hours =$284 per hour + (1100 hrs fuel, maintenance, insurance, hanger, unexpected maintenance etc.) Sounds almost like published numbers from Robinson (Almost), or am I misreading something? Still a much better price versus renting in any way. Not giving you a hard time Junkie, just trying to break the numbers down after total cost vs after purchase cost. Thanks for sharing your real numbers, God knows it is hard to get actual information in this regard. Awesome news your purchase is working out for you!
  11. I do not seem to have the same problem, but here is the direct link to the job listing page. http://www.verticalreference.com/tabid/335/category/1/default.aspx
  12. Only everytime I see an aircraft.
  13. I think full downs should be taught before a student is allowed to solo. It is an important skill that needs to be in the PTS for safety of pilots, passengers and people on the ground. After all, it is a fundamental skill of becoming a helicopter pilot. The problem I have seen over this forum (and others as well) is that full down auto training is dangerous. This may be, but it also has to do with the fact that no one is taught how to do them early on. This gives the feeling that they are difficult to perform and they should not be taught until later on in training. The problem with this is that in our industry we have low hour instructors who hardly have an idea how to do a full down autorotation since it is new to them at the CFI level. In my PPL training all I did was full down autos until the last few hours before my checkride to get used to when to start the power recovery. There is not much of a difference from a power recovery and a full down, I don't think. It takes practice and experience with timing, judging flare height, aggressiveness of the flare, what to do if one of the previous wasn't as pretty as you would have hoped, etc. You only get this from practice. I think it helps make a better instructor if you have this experience from the start rather than learning it before you start teaching others (CFI) and don't get to do full downs again for a while. I understand this isn't practical for most schools since they have an abundance of lower time CFII's who aren't allowed to do full down training with students, but this isn't the only problem the industry has at the moment.
  14. I believe heligirl03 is talking about Helicopters NW in Seattle and I was referring to Kissimmee Helicopters in Florida.
  15. Yea It is still the same price as of today, good deal, no 22's close either so I couldn't pass it up, sure love me a 44. It's a 25 hour block price but if you are going to do the time...just have to search around.
  16. +1 on the Helicycle. Still thinking about buying one everyday. I went the the Mosquito factory in Trenton, FL a few times for the fly ins and they are awesome looking and performing machines, especially the XET, even though there were only 1 or 2 flying. For me though the mosquito was more cramped as my legs were more in my chest than I prefer. The helicycle however has a more "laid back" position for me at least when I jumped in one. I'm 6' if that helps any. That being said, I'll fly whatever I can get my hands on. With the track record of the older rotorways, I'll stay away. Maybe the newer model is better? Not enough flying to tell from what I have read. No thanks on a belt driven tail rotor either.
  17. In Florida my checkride was $550 for the Private @1.3 hours in the aircraft for the ride. I did my checkride at 50 hours but that was with 100 fixed wing hours. Did all my private in a R44 at $300 hr solo, $340 dual so just around 17,000.
  18. People are silly, so worried about what everyone else is doing. They need to stop trying to regulate morality. If you don't like something, don't do it. Whats so hard about that?
  19. Kissimmee, FL has R44 for $300/hr solo with a 25 hour block. Great guys, great weather. Full down auto training. Couldn't ask for anything more. Let me know if you want any more info.
  20. They do keep changing their programs, but as you said, last time I talked to the as well they did not accept helicopter ratings. Excuse my last post. I hope they have changed back to accepting heli ratings, I see no reason not to take our money.
  21. UVU does have the Professional Pilot program which gives you credit for your ratings, but it doesn't give you anything to fall back on if you lose your medical, etc. Thats why I switched over to the Amdinstrative prgram.
  22. Without using gps or ground speed... Just fly an orbit at a constant speed (60 knots) and altitude above your landing area and note the power required to maintain you altitude and 60 knots. Least amount of power used will give you your direction into the wind.
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