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  1. Hi Dean and thanks for the tip! That book sounds interesting and it never hurts to go back and review the basics, besides its been along time since I took my check rides . Since the book is based on flying Enstroms it might make a good addition for any Enstrom enthusiast. Thanks Dean
  2. Thanks again PhilPrice and I will indeed keep in touch with the other two Enstrom owners here locally. Another reason I feel confident to own the Enstrom is that there is going to be a service center for them just about 40 or 50 miles from me. I have talked to the owner of the service center and was impressed with the background in helicopter maintenance and the fact that Enstrom personnel is working with him to get the Enstrom line of helicopters added to his existing maintenance set up. I have been told that there is a lot of interest in the Enstrom line of helicopters here in Texas
  3. Hello PhilPrice, was wondering where you were? 8 minuets hand off flying in the Enstrom, now that’s impressive ! My first hour in the Enstrom wasn’t all that pretty, but improvement was fast there after. I will need a few more hours in the 280FX from my instructors to get a discount on the insurance, that and a letter from the main man. I guess there are only four Enstrom owners in this forum, that’s including myself even though I have not taken delivery yet ? I have located two other Enstrom owners in my area, so I am not totally alone in my preference. Was wondering if there were
  4. Red …………. I can live with that ! I noticed that the 280FX had lots if tail rotor authority , for you pilots that have flown both the Enstrom & the Robinsons how do you think the tail rotors compare? I know the Robinsons have great tail rotors, but so does the Enstrom, just curious. Cross-eyed I hope you get a chance to try the Enstrom again someday. It took me several hours to get used to the cyclic system, but when you do it is really a great system . Thanks
  5. Hello everyone Thanks Dean nice to hear from you , I did not know you had ever flown an Enstrom, hope it was a good experience! And yes I have chosen the Enstrom I really do love it. Also I agree with you it is nice to fly other brands when its possible. There are a few simple things about the Enstrom that are not mentioned very often that really make a big difference in comfort to me, the seats are extremely comfortable, the collective stays where you put it in flight at least that was my experience in the 280FX. Also I really do like the way the rotors are engaged, it is a simple manual l
  6. Hello cross-eyed thanks for chiming in! I am fairly new to the Enstrom, but my experience with the cyclic control, is that it is easy to make changes after initially setting the trim, basically as easy as a hydraulic system and in some ways I think better. I have only a few hours in the Enstrom and love the system. I think something doesn’t sound right about the one you flew, but then again I am only speaking from my limited experience with the 280FX and about 30 minuets in the 480B. Ga Chopper and others in this forum are better able to give you a better answer than I can, they are muc
  7. Hello ! Ga Chopper congratulations , glad to here about your check ride! I am actually thinking of maybe getting my CFI, wish me lots and lots of luck ! I wish everyone had a chance to fly an Enstrom for several hours. It really took me several hours to realize how great a ship it is. At first I did have trouble with the correlator , but after a hour or two it was easy to use. I am hooked on fully articulated rotor systems now. I am flying a 300C model some and now really appreciate its rotor system . Just as flingwing 206 said he would pick the 280FX over the R44 in a heartbeat, well
  8. Hello folks ! Just got back from flying the Enstrom 280FX ! I did some training in a brand new 280FX and I was and still am very impressed to say the least ! It is a little different to fly at first, mainly the trim system, but after a few hours of flying it you begin to realize it is spectacular ! You can trim it out to where it will continue on its clime out almost unassisted, even on a climbing turn it will continue on if properly trimmed. It is not hard to learn, the Enstrom was a dream to fly ! I also got a chance to fly the 480B under the supervision of the instructor . All I c
  9. Thanks again Ga Chopper, I thought that was probably one of the Enstrom myths, but wasn’t sure. I think that if that was a normal thing that they definitely would have brought it up at the factory maintenance course. Like I said, strange question, but thought I would ask anyway. I agree with you that they are probably the two best piston helicopters available. Its going to be a hard choice and one that I will probably be able to make only once, so I better make it count! Happy trails!
  10. One thing more that I wanted to say about my final choice of purchase and what will help make that decision for me. I will sometimes have my wife flying with me, so I want to feel that she is safe. I know that all helicopter flights have risks, so that is expected. What I wish to do is to narrow it down, by the two helicopters own merits. The R 44 doesn’t have that bad of a fatal accident rate, but there are some other factors that are bothersome. Main rotor divergence being the most concern. I have looked, as probably most of you have at the NTSB sites and the accidents listed and there
  11. Ga Chopper excellent information, its good to know that the newest engine in the Enstroms is making its 1500 hr TBO recommendations and also in some machines going past the recommended 1500 hr. TBO. I also agree that proper cool down at the end of the flight is essential to long engine life. I am not very familiar yet, with a fuel flow & EGT gauge, but doesn’t seem that it would be very difficult to control. I will find out in a few more weeks when I get a chance to fly it. I think its probably one of those tasks that become second nature with time. Is that the way it is with you and
  12. Hello! I would appreciate information from mechanics, pilots, CFIs or anyone familiar with these engines mentioned below. The Enstrom uses a Lycoming HIO 360 F1AD engine that is turbocharged and runs at 3050 RPM to produce 225 HP. The Hughes / Schweizer 300 uses the Lycoming HIO 360 D1A and runs at 3200 RPM to produce 190 HP. Both engines have TBO at 1500 hrs. The question is if used in the exact same flying situation ,which engine is more likely to make its TBO or go past it? Which engine is under more stress, or are they about equal? The Enstrom is running at lower RPM., but runs at
  13. Just would like to say that I am looking foreword to learning to fly the Enstrom. I do like the R22 & the R44 after all I got my private and then the commercial license in the R22. I was extremely lucky to be able to fly pipelines for a while in an R22 that my instructor owned. That was a while back, but was one of the best times ever for me. He lost the contracts and that was that. The rest of my time has been in H269, 300C and the R44. It is my plan to purchase in December the R44 or the Enstrom 280FX so I have the time to compare and decide what is best for my needs. I have waited a
  14. Thanks again PhilPrice your information was indeed helpful. I will weigh the insurance decision carefully. You mentioning the pipe hitting the tail rotor reminded me of another incident here locally involving a 300C I believe they were hovering near a hangar and I think it was a burlap sack that got blown into the main rotor system. That misplaced sack caused extensive damage. Those unexpected mishaps can be very costly. Something to seriously consider is if one can take the loss and still buy again. One thing though I have never flown without even a correlator. Tha
  15. PhilPrice Thanks You are probably right about the gov. It might increase sales and make Robinson pilots likely to try an Enstrom. If Enstrom ever brings out a lighter weight trainer with the gov. It might be a lot more desirable for new students. Even though I like a gov. I remember when I first started flying the 300 I thought I would miss the gov., but I adjusted fairly quickly and it was not a bother. I hope Enstrom does develop a trainer that will compete in that market. I would like to see more people flying Enstroms. I also agree with IgorS that is a beautiful 28A. Ga.Chopper thank
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