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  1. Hi Maroc We should have a stand there (Aerosimulators) Where abouts are you training in the UK, Im from the UK but moved to Belgium about 4 years ago.
  2. Hi Maroc Its in September 27th - 29th at Duxford airport check out the website www.helitech.co.uk come and say hello when your there. All the best Dean. ::cheers::
  3. Hi Aser & Ned Be sure to come and say hello, As I said your welcome to fly the sim. Dean. ::cheers::
  4. Hi Pairofboot's I used to work at Manchester Helicopter Centre (Hi Phill) this was about 6 years ago but I got to fly about 180 hours on the Enstrom there (There a great company, Realy good people) Norman Bailey the owner wrote a book The Helicopter Pilots Manual (Volume 1) Its a flight training book for a PPL course but he based it on the Enstrom performace. I know you already have your PPL but it might be an interesting book. ::2thumbsat::
  5. Hi Pairofboots I would also go red, I saw a realy dark metalic ruby red 280 with grey leather seats that was realy special. Have fun ::rotorhead::
  6. Hi Pairofboots So you chose the Enstrom it's been quite a while since I flew one, I flew all the different piston engine models at a company where I used to work. I kind of miss it in a way (Now I mainly fly R22 / R44 it's nice to fly differnt type's) Have fun flying your new machine, Dean.
  7. Hi Justfly I think the guy had a lot of luck on his side, Maybe I would of picked another landing area or the same one, I don't know the area or the terain. From what I read he only damaged the main rotor when it hit some an object, So I would say he done a resonable auto. I thought the report from the FAAwas a bit vague it didn't say anything about a choice of other landing areas, Which I think would have been usefull in this situation (For us to learn) Check out GASIL on the UK CAA website it a safety mag from the UK (Heli section at the back) www.caa.co.uk GASIL is in the safety section
  8. Yeah I agree it would give me the willies also (It would scare the S*** out of me) but maybe with his height, position, obstacles in his flight path, lack of landing sites on the ground he had no choice. He probobly made the best desision he could with his experiance for the circumstance's at that split second when the emergency arrose. Maybe that was the only landing site available. Maybe there was another landing site on the ground, But he could have landed there and things could have gone wrong resulting in death. Talking in general (These comments are not aimed at anyone here) I f
  9. I see this is an old post but Im going to post anyway HELOEDDIE do you know the pilots or have it on good information that they got into VORTEX or is it just some Bull**** asumption. OK they landed on a rooftop instead of on the ground but they landed safely without hurting anyone in the heli or on the surface. From what I can see they done a good job.
  10. Sorry Taff, I didn't say I was an adult (About 50 years old) sat next to me. My point being every now and then passengers do some strange things children or adults.
  11. Hi Taff when Im flying any flight which isn't instruction I take the duals out (This should be normal procedure adults or children) A few years ago I was flying introduction flights (Short trial lessons) in a 206. Our budding first flight trainees had been briefed about a posative handover of the controls etc. So I was flying (I did not pass the controls over at this stage) Suddenly we had a flock of birds in our path, So the guy sitting next to me panic's grabs the CYCLIC and pulls it back, We slow down an climb. So I tell him (Nicely but firmly) Don't do that and I briefed him AGAIN on
  12. It sounds like a good set up for the equipment (I fly pipe line in Belgium with a simuler set up, But we also have an observer to operate the camera & laptop) My only advice would be take out the dual controls just incase something come free anf fix the lap top also, The hold your airspeed. When we started useing the laptop in our helicopters we had a problem with power for the laptop (Hot swaping batterys etc) So we bought a power covertor that coverts 12 volt power to 230 volt (Europe) You can get a 110 volt for the states. We also found if the lap top battery power was below a
  13. Hi are any of you guys going to Helitec in the UK this September, If so drop me a line. I'm either going to fly over from our base in Belgium or I will be there for the week with our sister company Aero Simulators (I will be instructing in the sim) We build and sell a Europeon FNPT 1 certified sim (And hopefully soon FNPT 2 certified) Your welcome to fly the sim or come an say hello. I will advise you more when I have more news. Thanks Dean.
  14. Hi Cranman, How are things going? You never realy answered my questions on the camera. You said there was no camera man on board. This made me presume you would be in the heli alone isthat true? If so how do you take the photos? Fixed camera (Bolted to heli)? or Do you have to hold the camera in your hand? Not to easy or safe if your flying. I think you see where I'm coming from. All the best Dean.
  15. Hi Cranman It does sound interesting, If you can get the contract go for it. When you say the photos are digitel I presume there is a fixed camera on the heli (Not a hand held camera) For safety if I was you I would have the Chief Pilot fly along with you for maybe 50 hours. As long as you don't loose your airspeed things should work out. What you explained earlier was a bit different. Good Luck.
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