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  1. A couple of our 22s have come out of overhaul with the new blades and i have to say there is a noticeable difference in the smoothness of the ride with the wider cord. Also its great not having to sign the blades off everyday because of that AD!
  2. Engineer retrofits random things (grills, lawnmowers, etc..) with remote control helicopter parts to make them fly. http://www.youtube.com/embed/8Dzjuxy_awQ
  3. So I have just started doing full down autorotations before i take my CFI checkride shortly and I was wondering how the community felt about at which stage full downs should be required? Should it be at CFI? CPL? Or even PPL? My thought process here is that I find it odd that you could go through commercial under FAA rules never having experienced a full touchdown autorotation and then move on if you get a job other than cfi. I have heard that in other countries they require it sooner. I just wanted to see what everyone's thoughts were. Thanks!
  4. Wow those Boatpix guys really promote! Anyways, I am a current student at Quantum Helicopters and if you want info or have any questions op. pm. Good Luck!
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