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  1. I have Lightspeed in ear with custom moulds had 2 sets made by different Co neither feel comfortable, tend to use Pilot ANR A friend had some moulds made by one of the Co I used & borrows the Lightspeeds, love them I think it is down to personal preference. The ones I use on Bike annoy me after 1\2 hour as well different mould Co again
  2. Never had one of these crack or spit bits out
  3. Fidley to post picks now most sites are drag & drop
  4. Never thought about looking inside was told just keep it in the green & look where you are going to put it, but I can see how you could get fixated about the numbers & when you look out it is a rush to get your last bit clean. The other thing is a real auto is not like practice the motor is gone no little bit of help at the bottom with the remaining motor RPM & as sure as hell you want to get collective down quick the RRPM drop seems to be a lot quicker when it all goes quite, How do I know (around 300ft in a 300c climbing out nothing bent), went & thanked the instructor after lessons learnt cant remember what I did it was so quick, WE always did Autos to the ground I know it is not the modern way but I found it easier than recovering to a hover
  5. As Bonzo said it should be a strait in auto or are you leaving the turn till you are low & having to flare in the turn,, bit like a down wind quick stop turning into wind.
  6. Personally I find the format a pain clunky not friendly.
  7. Would you want to work for a Co that has such poor interpersonal skills,
  8. Thanks for reply Brian what a downer seeing you spent so much time to get it right, Sent you a PM
  9. Don't see you at the other place nowadays Brian, how is the 500 going
  10. The head seems to be a bit of 500 strap pack technology with the multiple redundancy. The lack iof castings seems to be a feature of Eastern European design same as the AK3
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