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  1. I did pipeline for 2 years in the Kentucky,Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee and WV area. A lot of good experience and real world flying. I owe my career to my pipeline flying, I still go back and help out my old boss on occasion actually. Something like this is a great opportunity for a lower time pilot. Much more beneficial than flying the pattern for hours.
  2. I've been considering moving back to Phoenix. Best thing I've found is to just go offshore and commute. I've been offshore for a few months now. Only other way I've known people to work in Phoenix are EMS pilots or people commuting from the ditch/Vegas. I'm over 2000hrs now and been keeping an eye out on occasion out that way...
  3. I'm 23 going on 24, and have been a Heli pilot since 18. I've moved from New Orleans, to New Iberia, to Phoenix, to Louisville, to Juneau, and now to Lafayette to keep my career going. Ive had some girlfriends, one for a couple of years. However, I always had to hear "when are you coming home" and eventually they would get tired of hearing " I don't know". I decided that its best to keep single and free for now until I'm ready to settle down and can find someone who "understands" my nomadic lifestyle. I thought I was ready to settle and stay in Louisiana, until I lost my closest friend in th
  4. So at the wise old age of 23 (ha ha ha...), I'd love to find some sort of foreign contract. Whether it be in the Afghanistan, Abu dhabi, dubai, Nigeria, wherever. Does anyone know an easier way of doing this? I've got a bit of AS350 time, and close to 2000hrs heli. I know the big offshore companies all have foreign contracts, but getting a call back is pretty hard, and they all want multi time it seems.
  5. I've known a few people to work there. 1 stayed for 2 years, another stayed for 3 months. The point is, I haven't known anyone to stay there long. Sure, the minimums are way lower than others. However, if you can just stick it out building hours at a flight school or wherever you are now to eventually get into a better company, I think in the long run you'll be a lot better off. I was certainly tempted to go there when I hit the magical 1000 hr mark. It would have been an easy place to get some turbine time at, but I held off for almost a full year working a job I didn't make much at. By
  6. I literally cried uncontrollable for the first time in years when I got the call this morning. He was a great friend. I've known him for years. I talked to him a couple days ago and remember telling him to be careful up there, but I didn't have any worries. He was the older brother I never had. If it can happen to him , it can happen to anyone... As he once described himself "I'm a confused soul who talks about women while flying, and flying while with women".
  7. I've got close to 1600 hrs in a 22, and would love to fly one again. Especially solo. It's So small that you can basically just say "hey let's go there!" and do it haha. I have moved onto the bigger and better things now, but I will still admit the 22 is a fun little aircraft. 300? Not a big fan. It not a bad aircraft, but I just didn't experience the same feeling of freedom in it a I did the 22.
  8. I may be a little biased on this, as I'm from Belle Chasse, but I loved living in south Louisiana... But then again, I'm from there, and will be moving back at the first opportunity. Honestly. Don't move to Lafayette. If you want to move there for the "cajun culture" (which really barely exist anymore), then go right ahead. Otherwise, there are plenty of towns within driving distance that are much more user friendly. Stay as far away from Baton Rouge as possible as well. When I was in flight school in New Iberia, I used to take hwy 90 to get home on the weekends just to avoid it. My favorite
  9. My question, is since it doesn't state category or class, would a rotorcraft pilot who lacks in their night cross country be able to purchase fixed wing night cross country training? Seems to me it would be a cheaper alternative to go buy some cessna instruction to get to pt135 requirements.
  10. Congrats there Mr. ADRidge. I know its been a long hard road. Just think back to our first day in private ground some years back, and ask yourself how many of those people made it this far? It really shows who was dedicated to it and who just "thought it was a cool job". Congrats again man, and can't wait to see you at the expo.
  11. I'll be driving In from KY for it. Networking is the key to getting anywhere in this industry, and events like this are great opportunities to do so. Plus, you get to see some cool stuff while you're there....
  12. 1: When I went there, no. However I heard just last week they were going to implement them soon. From what I was told it was to be Khaki pants and a polo shirt. 2: I don't think technically they do, However I do remember the chief pilot wanting to limit it to 2 flights a day. Per week? Don't think so. Again these were changes I just heard about as of last week from a friend who currently goes there. During my time there though, it was wear what you want and fly as much as you can afford. Maybe there is someone on here who is currently enrolled there? And even if they don't require unifo
  13. With the recent announcement by our president to be out of Iraq by Jan 1st, are we about to face another Vietnam like influx of pilots? Keep in mind, I wasn't alive around this era, and no where even close to it lol.... I looked around a bit to see if anyone had mentioned this yet, but haven't seen it. And the fact that it hasn't been mentioned yet makes me think its not a big deal and I'm over thinking it.
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