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  1. Two flights up for grabs. IFR R-44 with CFII included in $375.00/hr. rate. Each trip roughly 12 hours. Flight 1: KDLH (Duluth, MN) to KNEW (New Orleans, LA) happening roughly mid October during the week. Flight 2: KNEW to KDLH happening roughly mid November during the week. Ship well equipped with Aspen and 430WAAS. Flight usually around 12 hours total and 2 days. $375/hr. Instrument Instructor Included. You would be responsible for your personal costs to arrive to and/or depart from each location, your hotel room, and your food expenses during the trip. Minneapolis, MN is affordable to fly into and a shuttle drives from there to Duluth for about $75.00 There are also direct flights into Duluth, MN. Pre payment of 80% estimated flight costs required prior to departure. Remaining balance will be due immediately upon completion.
  2. I used the term fudging simply due to this particular string being called "Fudging the Log Book". I was keeping true to form as not to confuse anyone. I agree with what you say...but referencing back to eagle5's statement: ...no matter what the amount stealing is still stealing..kind of black and white on that.
  3. My paragraph simplified into 4 words. I pre apologize for any typ-o's. I'm not a typist or blogger by trade and I have a lot of study to do in sentence structure. Another thing i have noticed, and am curious if anyone else has, is that a person who has gotten their time quickly (say 1000 hours in a little over a year) versus a person who has gotten their time over a longer period (say 1000 hours in three years) seems to have worse judgment and ADM skills. Please understand i am generalizing my statements. This is not always the case and you will find many exceptions to the generalization.
  4. I listened to a story of a guy who fudged his log book. Said he has 3x more hours than he did. He ended up killing 4 people including himself on a fire contract...that was when they decided to check into his "hours" he said he had...they could only prove about 600 and he was on a forest service contract. The owner of the company told me the following: "I went against my gut feeling on the guy. He could fly fine but something did feel right when i checked him out....trust your gut when you are checking somebody out...not their log book...and don't feel shy to turn somebody away because of a feeling." You can't prove experience so much in a couple of flights...but experience is what will so often be the only thing that saves you. That is something too many pilots seem not to understand and since it is not understood some of the lower time pilots feel they can do just as good of a job as a person who has more hours. These guys who feel that may decide to make their log book "reflect" how good they think they are. These are also the ones who will kill people. Let me also say in some cases a 500 hour guy may be a better pilot than a 2000 hour guy. BUT what i consider a "Good pilot" is not necessarily who is better at the stick, but the person who can make the proper decisions to keep him/herself within their own limitations.
  5. Feds were lookin for an r22 private owner from the Msp area...then I heard one report state they lived close by...only one person I know who lives close by there has an R44...
  6. Keep in mind if Cov rehab you should be 100% funded. If the school you are going to can't give you 100% funding Private-CFII find one that will. They are out there. I know of three personally.
  7. I am trying to figure out if a fixed wing CFI can legally sign off a student pilot for a rotorcraft written test. Not the practical just the written. I can't seem to locate anything in the FAR's that would prevent this from occurring. Any ideas?
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