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  1. I would have to agree with Goldy I get Vertical Mag too its great.
  2. Wow the schools prices are really cheep, It looks like the only platform you train in is the Enstrom. Is that right?
  3. Congrats, I am from around that area. I have a condo near the beach in Ft Lauderdale.
  4. You have that right to be Lyn. Hope all is well in your busy world of making every thing better for all helicopter industry. I am pretty sure I speak for us all when I say we all appreciate your contributions to the industry.
  5. Nice you can even see the go pro camera he is wearing. sweet gig you got.
  6. Another helicopter company flying out here incase any body is interested is Construction Air. http://www.constructionhelicopters.com/ I have only seen them in one region out here but that does not mean they are not in any other region of afghanistan. I know nothing of the pay or schedule.
  7. Yea I know thank you, I can test now but refresher of some of the basics is never bad. I am a flight engineer now but there are things you do not mess around with all the time and going over them again is always good.
  8. I have been looking into schools with the GI-Bill but I am not going to limit my self just to those. I have been looking, If i do not use my GI-Bill for flight training do to me picking a school that does not take them, the I will use it to finish up my A&P while I train. Lets say I tour around for the golden flight school and HeliOps wins, well my GI-Bill there is no good but I can use it at the A&P school around the corner. Flight school location is important to me as well as potential job placement. Im in J-bad now, it is 1000 times better here then the old crapy bhuts.
  9. I wish but I could not afford the maintenance upkeep. I have been trying to talk my dad in to buying one instead of another airplane. So far no joy. He does not give a rats butt about helos. He was pissed when i went military instead of embry riddle. he was pissed I like helicopters over airplanes. there is just no pleasing that old man.
  10. The pay at these schools seems to be minimal if to nothing. In my situation that is fine. I have the cash I need the time. For other people free labor I can see is a problem. Its smart on the companies behaf. It saves them money and they train you until they trust you. Very smart, very surprising more schools do not do it.
  11. No way, I did 10 years in the service. The way the military is today is nothing like when I was in. I could not deal with it. I will pay cash out of pocket if I have to. I will have 200k for flight related stuff. I do not plan on using that but that is what i have set aside budget wise. I found two schools that have internships mixed in there program. They both take you up over 1000 hours. I am still in the process of finding out every thing I can. Professional Heli pilot internship programs is what they are called. Last resort If I had to then I would tuck my tail and run to fort rucker but only as a last resort. The price for these schools are the same as any other. They have the right idea though. Get your licenses you go out on our contract gigs with us build up experience and flight time and instruct. All schools that are large with out side contracted gigs should do that. then these people will not complain about having a license and not able to use it. I hope the schools pan out to be good. I messaged some friends about the school. we will see. I sent them a 3 page report/questioneer. So we will se what comes of it. The uniforms, the crapy living locations, the low pay, the being told what to do and treated like a kid. After being out here as a civilian contractor living the good life. It would be very very very hard.
  12. I am a flight engineer for a Navy SOCOM contract. Not a pilot, yet. The only reason I am out here is because I have been saving money for flight school, well to pay all of flight school, have the reserves in the bank for my mortgage and utilities and wife's school. I am almost done, I have military benefits but the schools i am interested in dont take GI Bill. So I am going to A&P school while working on my license to use it up and get the housing allowance. I paid off all my debt already, so its just putting away cash. 100k for 6 months work out here is great. Do you stay out here when you are off for 28 or do they send you home or dubai?
  13. Molson is the best, I love those guys and gals. If you can get on with them take that one unless you just need the hours and cash flow. Every once in a while you see Ever Green, a very small foot print. Colombian, I refuse to take them. They cant read a tac chart to save there lives and dont follow required flight paths. They over shoot landing pads, funny right, its a helicopter. Since they do not follow required flight patch they like to fly over combat action and get shoot up. Very unsafe pilots with little or no skill. If they have skill then they dont need to be out here because fear and stress is causing them to make major life treating mastakes. As far as I know they all fly VFR day. So even if your hours are below what they are asking and you have a lot of VFR day flights you should be ok. Its kind of backwards from the oplats that want you to have majority VFR night flight time. If you need me to talk to the Molson guys let me know. Some are americans and I will get what I can for you.
  14. Molson aka Canadian Air has the most contracts, highest pay, and most helicopters out here.
  15. Every green is out here too.
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