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  1. Uh.. because it costs money to operate an R44 and R44 time is marketable. Half price is a pretty good deal... What are you going to charge me if I walk into Colorado Vertical looking to do some R44 dual?
  2. Was he the one with the dog named "Chopper" that flew with him? I used to like to watch his blog videos that he did online. I didn't realize that he was gone...
  3. Well, the news is the news and aircraft accidents are usually big news especially in the local area. It is a great chance for uneducated news reporters to sensationalize an otherwise tragic event. But at the end of the day, if you take an ENG job, you are there to cover what they tell you to cover. Refusing to fly to something because you feel it is wrong is a good way to get fired quickly. If you want to make a difference, work to build your credibility with the station. At many stations the pilot is a faceless bus driver that no one knows. Reach out to your station, meet the people that mak
  4. I came across this little gem on another forum: http://www.youtube.com/user/theninthtrust This woman has upwards of 250 videos on YouTube that "document" the various helicopters and other aircraft that have been "stalking" her over the past 5 years. All you pilots in the San Antonio area wondering where all the complaints were coming from...well here you go. If you expand the description field on some of these videos you could have reading material for hours. Brings to mind this classic fella': http://youtube.com/watch?v=zA1hyqA6UTY Disclaimer: I in no way intend to demean
  5. I'm still on the "flare the tail into the ground" thing. Did Rob just make that up? I mean, I don't have 18,563 flight hours but if you asked me if I had ever heard of that technique I wouldn't argue with you. I would just say "Uhh...No?" and consider you crazy from now on. Edit.... Damn man, if you ever want to get a job lose that web site quick. If I get a resume the first thing I do is Google the person to see if there is any dirt on them.
  6. Ring...."Hello? FSDO? I think you should take a swing by Helicopters of America. Your story sucks dude...and if it is true I feel bad for you. If nothing else being jerked around will make you more cautious in the future. The part that scares me is the flaring the tail into the ground and poor maintenace that you describe. If they are telling students to ignor broken fuel gauges then do everyone a favor and call the local FSDO and ask them to take a visit.
  7. I've worked in the tv news business for years. Be ready for the station you are dealing with to have absolutely no concept of aviation. If you have any questions send me a PM...
  8. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but are these guys still in business? Their website is gone and the only phone number I could find is disconnected. If so, any other rental suggestions for Vegas would be appreciated. - T
  9. http://www.heliclass.com/ Not $150 but I suspect something like this is what Goldy is talking about.
  10. Yep, that was North East Philly (PNE) at the Agusta HQ. Second time this year that the foam has gone off. Last time they updated the ATIS with "use caution for blowing foam." -T
  11. Uhhh....nothing chief, but the people who make the rules generally don't know much about the reality of what they are regulating.
  12. Check out Nassau Helicopters at Princeton Airport in NJ if you have a car. http://www.nassauhelicopters.com
  13. I think it will be a station by station thing. Maybe ABC will tell all of its owned stations that the pilot can't report on air any more. NBC upped the weather mins and training requirements for all of its ENG contracts after that crazy "caught on tape" crash onto a roof in New York City in '04. http://www.citynoise.org/article/568 In the end the stations will still want the first, fastest, best, coverage for the cheapest price. So my guess is that any short term changes will fade away over the long term. We'll see.... - T
  14. A tragic loss for the helicopter community. God Speed....
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