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  1. Never flown the Enstrom, but does it not have a cyclic trim adjustment? If so, get comfortable using it.
  2. Where do you start out in TN and what airports are easy for you to take on a pilot at?
  3. Is this an Astro, a Raven, etc? Where is the machine located? (Where would I have to fly/drive to meet the machine) What is the rate for fuel at this airport?
  4. I have a son who has ADD. I refuse to medicate him into a Zombie, so I take on the challenges presented by teaching him. Your student may be totally different than my son, but here are some things that help my son. People with ADD/ADHD are VERY easily distracted. They generally tend to learn much better using the demonstration method. They take a lot of patience from the instructor, but will reward the instructor with excellent performances and friendship, if you are willing to stick with them until they learn. They tend to make excellent drivers and pilots because they notice EVERYTHING! This hyper-awareness is what distracts them when they try to concentrate reading or studying from a book or lecture. Things need to be demonstrated and made relevant to them. Demonstrate why they need to know what you are trying to teach. Your student will never forget you, if you have the patience to help him achieve his dream. Most people do not have patience to help them learn. Just be sure it is his dream and not his parent’s. If it is not the student’s dream, it will never happen. Sounds like you are on the right track with “walking” him through it. A lot of times the student has the knowledge in their head, they just do not have the confidence to tell you they do. STRONGLY encourage them to do the entire task assigned, even if they mess up on part of it. Give them a lot of praise when they do finally achieve their goal. Most of these people are rarely praised because they are considered a nuisance student all their life.
  5. Guys, Thanks for all the comments. I am not a kid, but an "over the hill", starting to turn gray, CFI. I have just never transitioned this particular Class B. I emailed ATL's TRACON and they hooked me up with very detailed information on their procedures for handling helicopter traffic transitioning North-South and back. Those guys were extremely friendly and helpful. Thanks again for everyones comments and help. Thanks, RR
  6. Helonorth, You are exactly correct. I want the experience. Thanks for your response! RR
  7. Wally, I know what you mean, but part of it is just to have the experience and to learn more about dealing with situations like this. Then I will know how bad I should avoid them. Thanks, RR
  8. Redhawk, I have been emailing them. They have been very helpful. Thanks, RR
  9. Goldy, Thanks for your response. I have studied the TAC chart and sectional and I do not see any VFR corridor. Once again, THANKS! RR
  10. I am planning a night crosscountry from 47A to FFC. This will put me flying right through the heart of ATL's Class B. Anybody have a lot of experience with this, that would like to share some words of wisdom? Thanks!
  11. I use a Telex Stratus 50D. They have excellent passive noise canceling and when you turn on the active, they are incredibly quiet.
  12. I put this on eBay. It might be a good opportunity for some time building for someone. Helicopter Time Building Opportunity
  13. Man! I wish you were in TN. I would love to learn from someone who has been there and done it. Thanks for the advise and encouragement!!
  14. TO: kodoz, HeloJunkie, Trans Lift, Mikemv, DAWg134, BOATFIXERGUY, rick1128 Thank all of you for your time and advise!! It was greatly appreciated. Any other good advise given in the future also appreciated. RotorRunner
  15. Sir, I am not looking for a shortcut. I am sorry you are so misinformed about accelerated training. Listed below are several people who guarentee you an instrument rating in 10 days or less in a fixed-wing aircraft. I simply wanted to know if anyone here knew of anyone offering such training in a rotorcraft, that they would recommend. Spend some time with the links below to learn about accelerated IR training. www.IFlyIFR.com http://www.10dayinstrument.com/10dayinstrument.com/Home.html http://www.aftcenter.com/?gclid=CLvi4ofbhaQCFdVb2godJGSQJQ http://www.safepilot.com/instrument_10day.shtml
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