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  1. How's it going VR members? I currently have my PPL(H) and I am getting prepared to start training for my instrument & commercial helicopter license this summer. Before I start my training I would like to get as familiar as possible with instrument flying rules and regulations. Any suggestions on books or ground programs (King Schools etc)? Any advice/tips are appreciated.
  2. Hello, My name is Joshua McWilliams and I am looking to interview someone who is currently working as a law enforcement helicopter pilot. I am writing a research paper on the cost effectiveness, and the added safety that a police helicopter provides. An interview is a required part of that paper. If interested send me a pm. I greatly appreciate any help.
  3. HeliSucces was awesome! Glad I came out and met everyone, thanks for the great time ill definitely be returning.
  4. Where exactly is the FAA safety seminar being held?
  5. Ill be arriving tomorrow also, see you all there.
  6. I should be arriving sometime Friday also.
  7. Got ya. Your friend would be a very interesting person to talk to.
  8. Some amazing footage has been released from the Black Black Hawk down mission. It shows the beginning of the mission with the Little Birds landing, and then shows "Super 61" Blackhawk going down. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/new-black-hawk-video-shows-chopper-crash-article-1.1478417
  9. R22 ($400) R44 ($550) R66 ($950). This cost includes everything, along with one hour of flying.
  10. This is coming from a private pilot so take that into consideration. To me it looks like it could work. One suggestion though, to me it looks as if you could move the heliport 10-15 feet towards the house, which would give the pilot a little more cushion room towards the fence. I just have a few questions: Is the wall on side B the same height as both the A sides? And how far is the house from the heliport? Also is there trees or any other obstacle of interest on the other side of fences A and B?
  11. I just sent the payment to "info@verticalreference.com" and it said it was sent to "Reynaldo Madrid". Is this who it's suppose to say it was sent to?
  12. I should be getting to Las Vegas early enough to attend the Pre-HeliSuccess social hour, how many of you guys and gals plan on attending? Also how many people on average attend HeliSuccess?
  13. Started flying in 2010, the rate is $300 an hour with instructor and $250 solo.
  14. I was curious how much they have been for in the past, and how do they chose who receives them? Do you have to fill out some type of application to be considered? Any insight is appreciated!
  15. Here's my latest video, not military but still a flying video at least
  16. My latest video, let me know what you think of it.
  17. It will be nice putting a face to a screen name, see you all there!
  18. I just registered for the Seminar, see you all there!
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