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  1. Hello,


    My name is Joshua McWilliams and I am looking to interview someone who is currently working as a law enforcement helicopter pilot. I am writing a research paper on the cost effectiveness, and the added safety that a police helicopter provides. An interview is a required part of that paper.


    If interested send me a pm. I greatly appreciate any help.

  2. This is coming from a private pilot so take that into consideration.

    To me it looks like it could work. One suggestion though, to me it looks as if you could move the heliport 10-15 feet towards the house, which would give the pilot a little more cushion room towards the fence. I just have a few questions: Is the wall on side B the same height as both the A sides? And how far is the house from the heliport? Also is there trees or any other obstacle of interest on the other side of fences A and B?

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