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  1. It seems I forgot to add crusty before CW5 in my post, my apologies. The "scary" part may help me get that LE job on the bright side.
  2. I knew my flight instructors were just trying to be nice!
  3. Dream life, Get accepted into WOFT within the next two years. Fly for the military for 20+ years, honorable discharge as a CW5, then get a LE job until they take my medical away.
  4. Hello, I am also in the process of completing my WOFT packet (nearing the end). Ill do my best to answer some of your questions. 1. Recruiter usually schedules this. It is possible to schedule it by your self (not exactly sure how to do this), and it may be easier for you since you are on base a lot. in my experience it took 2 months to schedule than another 1 1/2 wait, which is not normal to any extent. 2. Recruiter schedules AFAST. 3. I was told not to have LOR from family, instead to have a mix of people that know you very good (pastor, manager etc) and high authority figures (CW5, ma
  5. Came across this website today, has loads of important information on study guides etc. Perfect for someone waiting to go to basic or someone already in needing to study. http://www.flightschoolstudyguide.com/default.aspx
  6. How much do you charge for the flight time? I live in Michigan, NW of Detroit. I am very interested in the next flight whenever that will be. I can PM you to talk about more details if you would like.
  7. This is a good article I just read. Clears some things up. http://flightmonkeys.com/?p=701
  8. There is airspace it is just in different configurations, I believe the UK has Class A, C, D, and E, but they are not the same as FAA airspace. Someone more experienced with JAA airspace can chime in and give more in-depth information.
  9. Class A airspace extends from 18,000MSL to 60,000MSL. The highest class G can go is 14,500MSL
  10. It covered everything, however I have only lived in one house my whole life, had about 5 jobs, don't have a credit card, only one minor traffic ticket, have been outside of the United States one time to Canada, and only have one semester of college under my belt.They have already called one of my employers and it was only about a 2 minute conversation. I haven't heard anything about it since my security interview, it must vary on the circumstances of each individual?
  11. someone correct me if I am wrong. But I believeI it depends on how long ago you completed all the paper work and interview, also how in-depth it was. If you have lived in other countries, have a criminal record, or anything else that would cause for a more in-depth look. I don't believe that it is uncommon for them to still be looking into everything even after you are at basic. I haven't even completed the packet yet and have already went to the security interview. My recruiter said that they are being more strict about security interviews lately, maybe it just varies from station to sta
  12. I have been told that you want a combination of high ranking officials and people that know you very well.
  13. I was told they have to be official, shouldn't be to hard to obtain, just give your highschool a call. Have you already went to your security interview? If not I would get that scheduled ASAP. If that is what you were referring to than forget I even mentioned it. You have to remember that this is part of the weeding out process, keep motivated and always try to make your packet stronger. I am shooting for the July cutoff because of my flight physical being scheduled so late, hopefully you can make the May cutoff. Good luck!
  14. I am not the most experienced in XC, But if you look at the A/FD you can usually see a layout of the airport. If you do not you can always go to google maps and take a look at the airport, and the surrounding area. I figure out where I want to land and then ask to "land at the ramp west of runway 36" etc. It is also a smart thing to say "unfamiliar" when entering the airspace, this will give you more detailed directions when needed from ATC. Like I said there may be some better tips from more knowledgeable pilots, this is just from my experience as to what works.
  15. Not afraid to talk to them, just do not have experience with Class C and B procedures.
  16. Excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean? or is this just a type0
  17. I second that hover autos can help greatly. My instructor would always tell me, when I was about to land, to not pull the collective up at all once I started to descend. Try this next time, slowly start going down on the collective while looking well in front of the helicopter, talk to your instructor about anything while you are landing, this may help you not over think what you are doing. I can say almost every time I started to get shaky on landings it was because I was looking 5-10 feet in front of the helicopter. A very good way I learned to hover/set-downs, and I am sure many instructo
  18. He put in one hell of a effort to find them, well deserved amazing find.
  19. That is really helpful to know, This will make it possible for me to get boarded sooner. Thanks for the heads up.
  20. Yes that is true if we were trying to get boarded in May, we are talking about the deadlines for the packets, and not the actual board date. Example May cutoff for the July board, and the July cutoff for the September board
  21. I would be up front about it, it will look worse if they have to find out for themselves what your record is. I just had one minor traffic ticket, they didn't even seem to give it a second thought. But I can see where you are coming from about not wanting to tell them, everyone makes mistakes. Just my 0.02
  22. Are you going for the May or July cutoff? And be aware that even after you get selected they still may be calling old employers or references about the security clearance.
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