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  1. I have to say I am very curious to what you asked him, but I do understand if you don't want to share. Either way it had to have been an awesome and enlightening experience, I would definitely enjoy hearing him talk about his experiences sometime in the future .
  2. Also I would like to see the environment they are operating in when the crash happened, AG, Teaching, Longline etc. Is it possible that the big difference in the R-22 and R-44 crash worthiness is the area of operation it is mostly used in? I could be wrong but in my experience the R-44s are used to do more commercial work other than flight training than the R-22, as in photo shoots, transporting people, giving rides etc. And that may cause the helicopter to be operating close to the limits of the aircraft, meaning less forgiving situations and in the shaded regions of the H/V curve. Thought
  3. I was thinking the same thing. They don't crash as often as most airframes, but if they do say your prayers. From the information given it looks like it is just talking about airframes and not hours flown etc. But I could be wrong
  4. R-22 ratio is very reasonable, R-44 backs up its name of being very reliable. Thanks for posting, very interesting.
  5. Finally got my flight physical scheduled for May 21st, only 4 months wait all together... Also I may be getting a LOR from a 160th Warrant Officer aviator which will greatly increase my packets strength. I am shooting for the July cutoff as long as the flight physical goes without a problem. Is there a June cutoff that I am not aware of? Hope everything is going smooth for everyone else working on WOFT packets.
  6. That guy had one awesome gig, it sounded like he was from the military maybe?
  7. The aircrafts flight manuel Ill second that Fatal Trap is an excellent and interesting read.
  8. Not a helicopter story, but still very interesting and amazing, Send my condolences to his wife. http://www.foxnews.c...and-drops-dead/
  9. Congratulations! Awesome accomplishment, its hard to believe that it only gets better but it does, Wait till you have your first ticket in your pocket, two days you will never forget. Good Luck!
  10. Very cool, have seen this before but always a cool video to watch again, wonder how they attached it on to the blades...
  11. Thank you, I didn't want to spend all this time on this paper just to come realize that it had to be written on a different type.
  12. I know I am dragging this out, but what type of paper did everyone use for there handwritten paper? Computer, college rule Etc.
  13. I am not even finished with my packet let alone accepted into the program, and I have already changed my mind a hundred times about what aircraft I would prefer to fly... In reality flying any helicopter for Uncle Sam would be a dream come true. Now back to finishing my packet.
  14. Not experienced in this maneuver (as you can tell by the helicopter I fly to the left), but I agree that that looked very shady from the start. Glad to here every one is alright.
  15. Happy St Paddy's day everyone, corn beaf and cabbage tonight makes for one great Irish meal.
  16. I am doing what t.o.n.y. said. I took a ruler and measured vertical lines on a piece of computer paper so I know i will have enough room. And now I am just slowly writing the whole paper as neatly as I can. Do they want the paper to be perfectly handwriting? I don't have the best handwriting, (Computers...) but I am doing my best to go as slow and neat as I can.
  17. It is very over used...I just had to use it for my first flying video. That video above is where I first found out about the song go figure.
  18. Thanks for all the information. On another note, does the hand written "Why I Want To Be An Army Aviator" paper have to be one page also? Or is the one page limit for the typed copy only? My typed copy is one page but my hand written is 3 pages.
  19. Thats exactly it, I want to make the May deadline for the July board which is getting closer. Roughly how long will it take for my physical to get approved by Rucker after I complete the physical if there is no issues or waivers needed?
  20. My flight instructors had me calculate it before takeoff, I have never recalculated it while in cruise flight, they have asked me what is was while inflight but I never had to recalculate it. I am in no way all-knowing on this subject and there are many more qualified individuals that can explain this to you on here, that is just my personal experience.
  21. So I am hitting a bump in my packet process, At the end of January I started to try to get my flight physical scheduled, my recruiters called battalion command that gave them a number to contact to schedule the physical, they tried that number for a few weeks leaving messages Etc but no one would answer or respond back. Now I am being told that my recruiters contacted the battalion command and that battalion will be handling scheduling the physical. It is now 2 weeks into March and still no physical scheduled, I called my recruiter today and he said they are still waiting to hear back from b
  22. Congratulations on being accepted! Roughly how long did it take you to complete your packet?
  23. I wil try all the resolutions mentioned in the future, Below is a video of a short cross country flight filmed in 960-30 resolution. this is the first video I have made so any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated.
  24. What warrant officer rank usually gets the most flight time WO1 CW2 CW3 CW4 CW5?
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